May 26, 2009
Cathy Crosslin - CEO of InStar Performance

Cathy Crosslin - CEO of InStar Performance


Cathy Crosslin
My team and I drove over to the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle to record a Gordy Graham speech and a Cathy Crosslin workshop. We shot using three HD cameras. Two were stationery cameras and one was moving around throughout the crowd. After Gordy’s speech ended, everyone headed across the hall to the Cathy Crosslin workshop. We shot that workshop too. My son Jason was manning one of the cameras and he got very involved with the topic Cathy was talking about that day. In fact he suggested to me that I should go through and follow Cathy’s advice about being a better parent. He told me to fill out the workbook immediately.
Cathy Crosslin is one of the most inspirational persons I have ever met. She has dedicated her life to helping others achieve greatness and to fulfill their potential. She works all around the country with all kinds of organizations to help them get along better. To get along with others is a most important characteristic. Cathy has just announced the formation of her new company, InStar Performance.
Thanks, Cathy, for inspiring my son to want me to be a better parent.

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