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Here are some projects we are either still working on, or have recently completed.


I had a great time interviewing and meeting Dr. Eric Roberts from Los Angeles.
Eric worked for fifty years as a doctor of internal medicine.  I was very moved by his story of his youth growing up in Germany and how his mother brought him to America.  He told me the tragic tale of his father and how many of his family were lost in the Holocaust.

    Dr.  Eric Roberts


I had a wonderful experience interviewing Sharron Rosengarth for the History Video of
Hollinshead Park in Bend, Oregon.  The Bend Parks and Recreation Department wanted me to capture the history of the park for future generations.  Sharron's family donated the historical farm property to the city and  was instrumental in the restoration of several of the original Farm House and outbuildings, and Sharron leads historical tours of the property to kids and groups.  CLICK HERE TO learn more about this cool park.


I feel greatly honored to meet and interview today a true American hero, Medal of Honor recipient Bob Maxwell. During World War 2, after tough battles in North Africa, Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, and almost losing his leg at Anzio, Bob rejoined his US Army infantry unit and went into battle in Southern France. As his unit was being overrun by the Germans, without a moment to think, Bob literally placed his body over a German hand grenade to save four other American soldiers. For this act of bravery, Bob spent a long time in hospitals and was given the Congressional Medal of Honor, The French Legion of Honor, two Purple Hearts, the Silver Star and more ! Today Bob is the oldest living recipient of the Medal of Honor. He and his wife Beatrice have been married 63 years!

  RJ McHatton with Medal of Honor recipient Bob Maxwell

Terrific video biography interview today with Bettie Jean and Jack MacDonald. Jack's family came to America from Scotland and settled in Fernwood, Washington. Jack's father served in the US Army during World War One in Europe. After the Pearl Harbor attack, Jack volunteered for the Army Air Force but due to the giant influx of volunteers, wasn't taken in until February 3, 1943. Jack served in the 512th Squadron in the 176th Bomber Group of the 15th Air Force. Jack served as a radioman and "top turret gunnery" on the B-24 bomber on 50 bombing missions over France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Yugoslavia, Romania, and Bulgaria. Some of the targets included the beaches of Anzio and the Ploiești oil fields, which held over 35 percent of the Axis oil supplies. Jack told me remarkable stories about many, many close calls, and the fear and determination of his B-24 crew. He also talked about the incredible emotion he felt the day he returned to America on a ship coming into New York City and seeing the Statue of Liberty. After the war, Jack went to the University of Washington on the GI Bill and then had a very successful career with Carnation. He met his wife Bettie Jean at a dance at the Trianon Ballroom in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. They raised three children and have been married 65 years!

Bettie Jean and Jack MacDonald

I truly enjoyed my video biography interview with 94-year old Louise Fowler. She talked about her memories growing up in Michigan, Ohio, California, and Oregon-- and raising five children. She always wanted to be a show girl and always believed in dressing up when you go out. Louise has an incredible positive attitude and belief in being active everyday. She is definitely proud of all her children and grandchildren, and can't believe all the changes she's seen in her life. From driving Model T cars and listening to Amos and Andy to kayaking in Central Oregon -- Louise said she absolutely has had a "wonderful life!"

RJ McHatton with Louise Fowler

Had a great time meeting and interviewing Jim Cate and his wife Fannie. They have been married 68 years! Jim enlisted in the US Marine Corp in 1942 because his older brother did and he really looked up to his brother. He had four brothers and all of them served in the military during World War 2. Jim served as Sargent in the Recon unit during the battle at Iwo Jima with the 5th Marine Division. On the fourth day of the battle, Jim was blinded when one of his best friends and heroes stepped on a land mine while coming off a tank. The land mine killed everyone around him but Jim was injured bad in his face and eyes. He still has volcanic rocks and ash in his right hand. Jim remembers being taken away on a stretcher and put on the beach with lots of other injured soldiers and a lot dead ones too. He remembered trying to pull up his blanket over his face which was completely burned to hell. An officer came up to him and said don't put the blanket over your face because they will think you are dead. Jim remembers them pulling up his stretcher up the side of a ship and he could see machine gun bullets spraying all around him. He thought for sure he was going to get hit. The next thing he knew he was in the ship and on his way back to Hawaii. After several months of operations in hospitals in Oakland and Philadelphia he was able to get partial sight back. Jim has led a life of blindness ever since that day in Iwo Jima. But he went home and raised a family and never held any grudges. He said a lot of the guys in the hospitals either were very bitter or they were a-okay. He said he was a-okay and happy to be alive. Jim said someday he might go back to Iwo Jima but he said probably not. He said he wished he could connect with any members of the Recon unit that served with him at Iwo Jima.


Great video biography interview today with World War Two veteran Jim Murphy. Jim served in the US Army Air Corp in the 83rd Airdron Squadron of the 19th Air Force. Jim landed on Omaha Beach on June 13th. After going inland for a few miles his job was to load up the guns and bombs on the P47s on the 3000 foot airstrip created by the Army Corp of Engineers. Jim told me great stories about his experiences in France, including the time he got busted down from Corporal to Private after partying too hard on his 21st birthday. Jim told me stories about his traveling over on the Queen Mary with 18000 soldiers and of sad memories of the people who died over there. After the war Jim got married, had some kids, and went to college on the GI Bill. Jim had a successful career in the life insurance business and has been married 65 years!



Amazing two days video interviewing Gerald Reponen who served for 20 years in the US Air Force as a Reconnaissance pilot of the B-66s and B-57s. There were a lot of stories he couldn't tell me because they are still classified, but Gerry was able to tell me some incredible stories about his experiences taking aerial infrared photography during the Cuban Missile Crisis and three tours in Vietnam. Gerry told me incredible tales of close calls and his management of 60 recon jet pilots during the war. He told me about how emotional and tough it was to lose pilots during daily missions. Gerry has earned numerous awards including the Bronze Star and two or three Distinguished Flying Crosses! Gerry and his wife Ruth are celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary this week.

                                                Mardie Rees

I truly enjoyed meeting and interviewing Mardie Rees, figurative sculptor in Gig Harbor, WA. Mardie is building a massive, huge bronze sculpture of St. Anthony and a baby for a hospital in Denver. She told me about how she became a sculptor and all the amazing little processes involved in making a sculpture look real. She uses live human models in her studio while she shapes her clay and takes measurements and moves armatures like bones to make the people look real. Even at her young age, Mardie has been making sculptors for fifteen years. Next month she will be traveling to Quantico, Virginia where a new bronze piece "Soul of the Forward and Faithful" will be dedicated at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. You can learn more about Mardie at

I really enjoyed meeting and interviewing Clarence "Bud" Carnahan who served in the Army of the United States in World War Two. Bud was a Sargent on the famous hospital ship USS Hope in the Pacific. He had some very interesting stories about working in the psychiatric unit, the orthopedic unit, and as Sargent of the Guard for the ship. It was cool that Bud was able to fit into his original uniform for the interview. After the war Bud went back to medical school and became a psychiatrist retiring in 1991.

      Clarence "Bud" Carnahan with filmmaker RJ McHatton

Had a terrific interview today with John Meyer who enlisted into the US Marine Corp in 1951 and served as Staff Sargent in the Korean War. He told me about his experiences working with the famous Chesty Puller. John worked in the postal department of the Marines which was very important making sure the mail got to the men on the battlefield. He was in the Marines until 1956 and earned three battle stars.

              John Meyer with filmmaker RJ McHatton


I really enjoyed meeting and interviewing Ronald and Phyllis Hicks. Ronald enlisted into the US Navy in 1942 and served in World War II on the USS Portland, one of the most active Navy Cruisers in the war. The USS Portland took part in the Battle of Coral Sea, rescuing 722 survivors from the sunk aircraft carrier Lexington. She then fought at the Battle of Midway, the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, and in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, where she was hit by three dud air-launched torpedoes. She then supported U.S. Marine landings during the Battle of Guadalcanal. During the naval battle there in late 1942, she was struck and severely damaged by a torpedo from a Japanese destroyer, a hit which required interim repairs in Australia followed by extensive repairs at Mare Island Navy Yard. In spite of this damage, she was still able to inflict damage on the Japanese battleship Hiei. Returning to the war, she bombarded Kiska as part of the Aleutian Islands campaign, played a supporting role in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign, covered landings during the New Guinea campaign, and Pelelieu. She then participated in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, covered landings in the Philippines, and supported the Battle of Okinawa. Ronald served as a boatswain mate and coxswain mate. He told me he was scared to death every day of his time on the Portland. One of his main jobs was loading up powder for the big 8-inch 55mm guns. After the war Ronald returned to Oregon and married Phyllis in 1948. They have been married 66 years!

         Ronald and Phyllis Hicks

Wonderful experience interviewing today with Everett Endicott, who served in the US Army Air Corp and US Air Force from December 1941 to August 1969. Everett first got his flying license in Redmond, Oregon before the WWII started. It cost him $65. With his experience, Everett served in World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War as an aviation instructor. He was instructor on all types of aircraft, from the P40s, P51s, to F84s and numerous other jets in Korea, Cuban Missile Crisis, and Vietnam. Everett received the Bronze Star. He told me how much he liked training in dog fighting. I was most impressed when I met his wife Betty and learned they have been married for 71 years! I asked him what the secret is to a long, happy marriage and he said, "I don't know." They raised three children, one who is the mayor of Redmond, Oregon.

            Everett Endicott with filmmaker RJ McHatton

RJ Interviews World War II Veteran Henry Tiano

Had a great time doing a video biography interview with World War 2 veteran Henry Tiano today. Henry served as a US Army Infantry Staff Sargent in the 75th Infantry in Roanne, France, 40 days at the Battle of the Bulge in below zero temperatures in Belgium, and in fighting at Colmar, France, Holland, and all across Germany. He made Corporal three times and was demoted three times back to Private, once for not getting a haircut. During the war Henry had many jobs in the artillery unit including mess hall Sargent and chauffeur for an officer. He had a couple close calls during the war, including a piece of shrapnel tearing off the shoulder of his coat, but no injuries. One inch more and he could have been hurt bad. After the War Henry went home to his wife in Salem, Oregon, raised a family with 3 kids, and worked for the local natural gas company for thirty years. Henry is a truly humble Italian-American hero, born in Kingston, New York in 1921. All four of his older brothers served in the war, too!

    Henry Tiano with filmmaker RJ McHatton

Great article in the Ageless Section of the Bend Bulletin about RJ McHatton's video biography experiences:   CLICK HERE

I am so blessed to have made a video biography of a wonderful artist, mother, grandmother, and woman of faith.  I was totally inspired by this incredible woman, Kathleen Pulsipher.

                                              Kathleen Pulsipher

Had an amazing video biography interview yesterday with Joseph M. Gallagher who served in the First Marine Division, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, Kilo Company, First Platoon in the US Marine Corp as a rifleman and "tunnel rat" in the Vietnam War. Joseph told me he enlisted as a Marine in1966 knowing he would probably go to Vietnam. It wasn't long before he was there and in battle his first day. Mr. Gallagher fought in several battles at places with names like Hill 55. He talked about the day he was shot up several times by the enemy in a rice patty. He told me the heroic story of a fellow Marine who risked his own life in the middle of the battle to pick up Joseph, put him over his shoulder and carry him 100 meters to a medic. The medic worked on Joseph for 45 long minutes until the dual rotor helicopter picked him up in a rain of gunfire shooting everywhere. Joseph talked about some of the difficulties he experienced once he got back home, but he had a great family who supported him. Joseph said he talks to that Marine who saved his life every week on the phone. He says his friend lives in New Jersey. Joseph earned the Purple Heart and eight other medals during his service as a US Marine.

Had a great video biography interview with Leon Devereaux, Jr. today. He served as a U.S. Navy fighter pilot in WWII, flying a F4U Corsair off the aircraft carrier USS Shangri-La over the Japanese home islands. During an air battle off southern Hokkaido, he was credited with shooting down a twin-engine enemy plane. Admiral John McCain told him "great job, you are one for one!" His last combat flight was over the Battleship Missouri during the signing of the peace document ending WWII in Tokyo Harbor on September 2, 1945. He had over 40 combat missions and was awarded the air medal with three gold stars. Very nice man. He loved flying Corsairs. He said after the war they weren't hiring many fighter pilots, so he had to get a real job.

World War II veteran Leon Devereaux, Jr with  filmmaker RJ McHatton

I really enjoyed interviewing US Marine, Lorin Myring, who served in World War II with the Navajo code talkers at one of America's toughest war battles, Iwo Jima. Lorin was in the Iwo Jima battle for 36 days and 36 nights. Photo by Bend Bulletin photographer, Kevin Prieto

            World War II veteran Lorin Myring with filmmaker RJ McHatton


I really enjoyed meeting and doing a video biography interview with Jack Cooper, a US Navy veteran from World War II. Jack enlisted in the Navy in Oct 1942 and served under Admiral Billingsly. Jack was instrumental in setting up an ordinance school in Maryland to help people handle bombs and guns more safely. He also was on a ship that sunk an enemy submarine. Jack told me some great stories about living in California back when he was a kid. I really am blessed to be able to meet these guys with incredible stories.

                      World War II veteran Jack Cooper

It's been a fantastic experience creating the Video Biography of Nish Zundel from Salt Lake City.  Nish has lived an amazing life.  From jet fighter pilot to gold miner to entrepreneur.  Nish Zundel really has led a Wonderful Life.  I am proud to help create his video biography.

                                            Nish Zundel

We are in post production on a fantastic Video Biography of Marilyn Ferguson.  I was so impressed with her story of meeting her husband on a train during World War II.  And they were married over 50 years.  It always amazes me how one chance moment can change a life into a whole new direction.  Fascinating story of an Air Force family who travelled all over the world to serve our country.  Very nice people.

                                                The Ferguson Family

Very sad to hear news of the passing of the incredible hero John D. "Bud" Hawk.  Bud Hawk was a recipient of the Medal of Honor, given to him by President Harry S. Truman for his heroic service in France during WWII.

   President Harry Truman giving John "Bud" Hawk the Medal of Honor.

I first met Bud Hawk when we started Inventive Productions back in 2005. With Bud Hawk's help, we put together a wonderful documentary about Bud's life.  We called the film "America's Hometown Hero" because Bud Hawk really was a regular hometown type of guy who became a true American Hero.  I am blessed to have known Bud Hawk.  I hope you enjoy the video biography we made about Bud's incredible life.

I just uploaded the complete uncut video biography of Medal of Honor recipient John D. "Bud" Hawk onto his website, so you can watch the entire video biography "America's Hometown Hero" for free online. Here is a link to his website:

We just completed a marketing video for Leif Johnson at Exvere, Inc.

I have known RJ McHatton of Inventive Productions for nearly a decade and have always been impressed with his enthusiasm and positive energy.  Recently my organization needed a marketing video to be made on-location at a distant property with a limited budget and a short turnaround.  I knew the person to call would be RJ because of his flexibility and the wide variety of projects he's done in the past.  RJ was great to work with.  He met me at the property and he was very professional working with my team and my client.  He put the video together in a timely manner and was a good listener and took our feedback and folded it into the end product seamlessly.  RJ created several drafts based on our feedback until we were completely satisfied, and without hesitation.  I definitely recommend RJ and Inventive Productions for any video project you might need.


Leif S. Johnson

Senior Director

Exvere Inc. Private Investment Banking

1301 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3405 Seattle, WA 98101

p 206.728.1800 | f 206.728.7611 | c 206.683.3814 | There's a Great Deal at Stake

It's been a wonderful journey, helping Jan Warren put together her photos and videos about her incredible true story adventure and expedition in 1986 becoming the first to rat down the mighty Yangtze River.  Jan's new book is almost ready to go to press and we can't wait to read it.  You can learn more about Jan's adventures at

Lisa and Linda "Make your Music Shine"

      Twin sisters Lisa Grace and Linda Sebenius

It's been awesome putting together a biographical video for the stars "Lisa and Linda"
who have performed over 400 shows for kids at the Seattle Symphony.  They really
can sing!  You can learn more about Lisa and Linda at


Idaho four-time Governor Cecil Andrus

Four time Governor of Idaho and former Secretary of the Interior, Cecil Andrus, with RJ,  photo was taken right after a rigorous four hour interview for his Video Biography.  Cecil Andrus is a remarkable man, and I am grateful to have had the chance to meet and interview him about his amazing life.


I really enjoyed meeting and interviewing Michael Barthmus, owner of Doppio Coffee & Lounge in Hood River, Oregon. I interviewed Michael for the Main Street Alliance of Oregon video project.

It was great meeting and interviewing Mike Nagle, owner of Uppercut Barbershop in The Dalles, Oregon today. I interviewed Mike for the Main Street Alliance of Oregon video project.

Had a great experience meeting and interviewing Leta Barclift, owner of Pioneer Electric in The Dalles, Oregon today. I interviewed Leta for the Main Street Alliance of Oregon video project.

I enjoyed meeting and interviewing Jon Riegel owner of Jack of All Beads coop in McMinnville. I've never seen so many beads before. Very cool place for people to go to make your own necklaces or gifts. I interviewed Jon for the Main Street Alliance of Oregon video project.

It was great meeting and interviewing Joan Kieban, owner of Greater Goods in Eugene. I interviewed Joan for the Main Street Alliance of Oregon video project. She let me try out the cool harps from Thailand.

I really enjoyed meeting and interviewing Denise Sprengelmeyer, owner of the cool design shop Modern in Eugene. Denise is know all around as the Design Diva! I interviewed Denise for the Main Street Alliance of Oregon video project.


                                       David Licht

I really enjoyed making the Video Biography of David Licht. David has led a
wonderful life: serving with injuries in the US Army in WW2, and
an interesting career as an entertainment attorney for a long list of famous
people like Don Rickles, Patty Duke, and Alfred Hitchcock's composer Bernard Hermann.


We are very proud to be producing the Family History Video for a great family.


                                                 Tony Catanzariti

I enjoyed producing a fantastic video biography of composer and conductor Tony Catanzariti's Wonderful Life.  Tony is hilarious and has so many wonderful memories of being a choral conductor for Oral Roberts, his travels to Europe, his career as a teacher, and especially of his loving family.


Benjamin Patton

Recently RJ interviewed Benjamin Patton, the grandson of the famous General George S. Patton, hero from World War II.  Ben is a member of the Association of Personal Historians, a documentary filmmaker, bestselling author, and a video biographer.  Here is a link to RJ's interview with Ben Patton.  CLICK HERE.

Here are a few of  the projects currently in our production pipeline.

To read Our October Newsletter: CLICK HERE

   Dale Harlan with RJ McHatton

I really enjoyed my interview today with Dale Harlan, a war hero from World War II. Dale served in the Army Air Corp in the Battle of Midway and then as a paratrooper for the 101st Airborne (Screaming Eagles) in Holland and Bastogne and th...e Battle of the Bulge. Dale was injured in battle and earned two Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars, and other medals. After the war Dale served in the Oregon State Legislature twice and was a practicing attorney for 40 years. Dale is a typical quiet hero living next door.


  US Army Brigadier General Julius Braun (ret) with RJ McHatton

I enjoyed my interview with US Army Brigadier General Julius Braun who served in WW2, Korea, worked with Dr. Von Braun and German scientists on rockets, missiles and Space program.
Julius' father was a famous US General killed in WWII.  Like father like son, they both became Generals.

US Army General Gustav J. Braun. 

US ARMY Brigadier General Gustav J. Braun, Jr. was the Assistant Division Commander of the 34th Division at the time of his death in 1945 in combat in Italy.
He was the highest ranking US soldier killed in action during WWII.

Sharath Dorbala, Senior Vice President of Vertafore, a very impressive company located in Bothell, WA. I interviewed Sharath for the Bellevue Chamber Eastside Business Awards.

RJ with Patrick Husting, CEO of Extended Results, one of the top ten fastest growing companies in Washington. I interviewed Patrick for the Bellevue Chamber's Eastside Business Awards video project.

RJ with Sunny Gupta, CEO of Apptio, one of the fastest growing companies in America. I was very impressed with Sunny during my interview for the Bellevue Chamber's Eastside Business Awards video project.

Here is Brayden Olson and the amazing team at Novel, Inc. Unbelievable, incredible interview with Brayden Olson, CEO of Novel, Inc. He is one of the most inspiring CEOs I have met so far. Incredible energy, very articulate, and super focused on his vision for Novel.

RJ McHatton with Chuck Oxford, owner of Lakeside Collision Center of Bellevue. It was great learning so much about how technology and relationships with customers for life has become the foundation of the new "body shop" business. I was very impressed with Chuck and his entire team. We were shooting a video about their company for the Bellevue Chamber Eastside Business Awards.

                 Tom Varga, RJ McHatton, and Bill Palmer.
I enjoyed my interview with Tom Varga CEO of CFO Selections and Bill Palmer CEO of CFO Selections Foundations for the Bellevue Chamber Eastside Business Awards video.

                 RJ McHatton and Steve Singh CEO of Concur.

It was a very inspiring and remarkable experience interviewing Steve Singh, CEO of Concur, for the Bellevue Chamber Eastside Business Awards video and my new documentary CEOs of AMERICA.

RJ McHatton with Ryan Wuerch, CEO of Motricity, one of America's fastest growing companies. This was shot as part of our video for the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Eastside Business Awards.

Rj McHatton with Holly Halweg, Manager at Amen Clinics in Bellevue, WA. I was very impressed with the entire team at Amen Clinics. They are so enthusiastic and great people. We shot some great video footage for the Bellevue Chamber Eastside Business Awards!

It was great meeting and interviewing Duke Moscrip, CEO of Duke's Chowder restaurants. Very inspiring story for my "CEOs of America" documentary project. Thanks goes to Producer David Ogle for putting this interview together, and for taking this photo.

It was great meeting and interviewing Chris Martin, CEO of Cleanscapes of Seattle, WA for our "CEOs of America" project. Chris is a great leader who started his business because he got mad that no one was taking responsibility for cleaning up the neighborhood in the Pioneer District of Seattle, so he and a couple friends just did it! Great example of a small business with great leadership who is thriving in this new economy.

Theo White on Bass
Theo White Wrestling Training Video DVD-- we are having a lot of fun editing together 49 chapters in a cool new wrestling training DVD starring Theo White, former All-American wrestler, and who plays a mean bass, too.

Lisa O'Kane
"Pay to Play" Feature Film Production--We are in pre-production on an exciting new fictional feature film to be shot this Summer with hopes to get it into Sundance this year.  It's a musical romance film written and directed by RJ McHatton, with music by many terrific artists, including Lisa O'Kane.  You can hear her music at


Lester Maddox
Lester Maddox Documentary--Director RJ McHatton has started production on a new historical documentary film project about the life and times of Lester Maddox, considered by many to be America's most hated man in the 60s. You can learn about this project at


Clayton Jones CEO of Rockwell Collins
RJ McHatton with Clayton Jones, CEO of Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. CEO's of America Project--over the past five years RJ has interviewed literally hundreds of CEOs talking about important topics as Values, Character, Secrets to Success, and Vision.  Now we are putting together a new Video website dedicated to the voice of the American CEO and their wisdom.  To learn more about this project go to

The Big Sleep
Sleep School Feature Film Production--RJ McHatton is working on a terrific new feature film project based on his original screenplay--a hilarious new fictional comedy film--no its not a remake of a Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall movie--but it's sure funny!  Coming Soon.

Leo Hymas
Leo the Liberator Documentary--we only have one more interview left to finish this incredible documentary about an American GI who witnessed the liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp.  For many years, Leo Hymas has dedicated his time for free to help kids in schools to learn first hand about the horrors of the Holocaust. Here is a short clip from some interviews we have had with Leo the Liberator: video clip

Chuck Norris
(Yes that is Chuck Norris in Iraq with my youngest sister Patty McHatton)--The New Fighting Seabees Documentary Film Project--it all started as a short video about my sister Patty and her deployment as a Navy Seabees during the Iraq war.  Then we started getting contacted by Seabees all over the nation who had served in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars and more.--So we decided to make a full length feature documentary about the real living Seabees.  Only two more interviews and this movie will be done.  For more info go to

Johnny Myers
Flying Man Documentary Film Project--Life and Times of Johnny Myers -- greatest test pilot of all time? We are in the final phase of editing of this exciting and interesting feature length docuementary.  To learn more about this project go to

Grace and Luke Kim
Grace and Luke Kim Video Biography--after more than two years we are almost finished the wonderful journey to the Video Biography of Grace and Luke Kim. Rj first met Grace and Luke during the making of his documentary "Ship of Miracles" about rescue of civilian refugees from the Korean War.  You can learn more about Grace and Luke Kim at


          Grace Kim, Dr. Luke Kim, Esther Hyun, and RJ McHatton
Grace and Luke Kim, Esther Hyun, RJ McHatton at the Korean Celebration at the SS Lane Victory ship which saved over 7000 refugees during the Hungnam evacuation on Christmas Eve 1950. Subject of my documentary "Ship of Miracles" 
Esther Hyun's father, Dr. Bong Hak Hyun was called the "Schindler of Korea" because he personally convinced the US General Almond to take 100,000 civilian refugees on about 190 ships during the Hungnam evacuation on Christmas Eve 1950.  I am working on the video biography of  Dr. Luke and Grace Kim, too.

We had a great time at the Living Legends of Aviation event at the Beverly Hilton hotel.   Our videos were well received, especially the cheers during the Jim Lovell video.  Here are links to the videos for your review.

2011 Living Legends of Aviation

2010 Living Legends of Aviation

2009 Living Legends of Aviation

New Aspiring Producers Wanted
We are looking to bring on five new Producers.  For more information call 425-243-9424
Gordon Graham Projects
Our good friend Gordy Graham is busy writing his new book "Leave the Door Open" and we are proud to be helping Gordy and Cathy Crosslin and Instar Performance to edit together all of Gordy's famous video tape seminars from all the years and get them onto DVD.  We are also shooting new videos with Gordy and Cathy Crosslin about CHANGE.  For more information go to or
Pork in the Pines BBQ Competition and Music Festival
We are very proud to be the official video production company this year for the 2nd Annual Pork in the Pines BBQ Cook-off Competition and Music Festival scheduled for July 22-24 in Cle Elum, WA.  They are expecting a hundred thousand people will attend this year's event.  Recently the Pork in the Pine has joined the Kansas City Barbecue Society, the largest organization of BBQ enthusiasts in the world.  To learn more about this year's exciting event, go to
John McDonald Memorial Video & Football Documentary
Recently we lost a great friend, John McDonald, to a bad car crash.  We created a short memorial video that will be shown at events in May in Bremerton and Seattle.  A while back John McDonald enthusiastically told me a great story about his youth, when he was on the football team at the Star of the Sea school in Bremerton.  For tens of years the school had never won a single football game.  Then suddenly when John and his buddies were coached by a local military man, they went to the State Championship!.  John always said it was a great story that should be made into a film.  Well, I am hoping to meet a lot of John's friends and put together a short film about that winning Season and that winning team.  Coming soon!
Association of Personal Historians
One of the coolest groups in the world is the Association of Personal Historians.  These are men and women who help people write their memoirs or to capture their memories through an oral history or video biography.  The Northwest Chapter of the APH is having a meeting in the Puget Sound area on April 30th. You can learn more about the APH at
Heidi's Promise Video Project
We are helping this non profit to make a video that will help explain their story and mission.  You can learn more about Heidi's Promise at
Delta Society Video Project
We are helping this non profit to make a series of training videos for their Pet Handlers Program.  You can learn more about The Delta Society at
"The Brilliants" - new novel by RJ McHatton
RJ is just about finished with his new novel set in 18th century England.  COMING SOON.
Lisa M Wedding
We are happy to be producing a creative "Documentary" style wedding video this May for a nice couple from Kirkland, Washington.  These documentary style weddings are pretty cool because it is sort of like a reality show wedding!
Jim Zuur 70th Birthday and Documentary
We are almost finished creating a cool documentary about the 70th birthday party of Jim Zuur.  Part documentary, part video biography, part party--this has been a very fun project about a great inspiring man.







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                                                       A Beautiful Easter Wedding in Seattle
RJ McHatton and the Inventive Productions Team were commissioned by Stacy Kvam and SK Wedding and Event Design of Seattle to shoot and produce a unique documentary film about the wedding of two wonderful people from Moscow who were gettting married in Seattle on Easter Day.  For the first time in many years Easter Sunday was landing on the same day for many different kinds of religions.  That is why Elena and James chose to be married on Easter Sunday.  Family and friends from all across the globe travelled to Seattle for this joyous event.  Like a cinema verite movie or more like a classic Fellini movie with such interesting characters, our documentary of the wedding day experience turned out to be a real life magical moment.   You can see the Dwyer Wedding Movie Trailer by CLICKING HERE.

  Gordon Graham
Cross-Country USA Roadshow
Live Seminars
We are proud to be producing the newcross-country roadshow of America's "Godfather of Change," Gordy Graham.  I first met Gordy in 1988 when my dad and I went to a sales seminar with this most unusual speaker Gordy Graham at Eagle Crest Resort.  I was instantly inspired by Gordy's unique true life story of overcoming self-imposed adversity to become one of the nation's leading keynote speakers, authors, and coaches.   To learn more about these events, go to

Steve Berman
       RJ McHatton with attorney Steve Berman
 RJ was asked to interview Seattle attorney Steve Berman of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro for a new documentary being made by award-winning director Joan Sekler about the war crimes commited by coal mining companies in Bougainville, New Guinea.  Its been said that James Cameron got the idea for his movie Avatar from the story of the people in Bougainville.  To learn more about Joan Sekler go to


         Storytellers Campfire Live in Manson, WA
 We had an awesome experience driving to Manson, WA to shoot a day and night live radio show for the Storytellers Campfire Radio Show, which promotes literacy.  It reminded me of our very own Prairie Home Companion here in the Northwest.  We met poets, musicians, and authors.  It was a wonderful time and we really were impressed with the authors, and the guest hosts including Barbara Parsons. Produced by Lady Selah SuJuris.  To learn more about Storytellers Campfire, go to


Bucoda Baseball Team
           Bucoda, Washington Baseball Team
We are proud to be the producers of a new documentary film about the history of the town of Bucoda, Washington, located near Tenino.  The film was produced for the exciting Centennial celebration which included a terrific parade.  You can see a short sample of our film by CLICKING HERE.  You can see a short video of the Centennial parade by CLICKING HERE.  We are excited about this new idea of creating a Video Biography of a Town.  We hope to make more of these kinds of projects in the future.

Pork in the Pines
Chente Benevides & Winners of BBQ Competition at the 2010 Pork in the Pines Event in Cle Elum, WA
We were proud to be the official Videographer and Marketing Consultant for the first annual Pork in the Pines BBQ Competition and Music Festival.  With nearly twenty bands and tons of vendors and BBQ competitors, this was a lot of fun.  And the weather was awesome, too. You can see video clips of the event at

The Sun Family
             The Jennie Sun Family History Project
It's been a true pleasure working closely with Jennie Sun to create a video biography of her late husband's life.  This historical video has been a great journey through Jennie's memories of her life with her husband,  coming to America as immigrants from China, working their way through medical schools and residencies, raising a family, achieving success, and then dealing with the illness of her spouse until his death.  Now Jennie is a enjoying her role as grandmother and hoping her video memories will help future generations understand their unique life.

Marne and Maxine Mercer
                   Marne and Maxine Mercer
It was a lot of fun meeting Marne Mercer at his home in Silverton, Oregon.  His son Lee Mercer has been a long time friend of mine.  Lee asked me to make a video biography of Marne for his upcoming birthday.  Marne is a great guy and a man of true integrity, wit, wisdom, and character.  Here is a short sample from the Video Biography of Marne Mercer CLICK HERE.


Kayla and Jimmy Wedding
                             Jimmy and Kayla Get Married
Its been a crazy summer with lots of beautiful weddings.  This summer we've been involved with some most interesting wedding documentary projects.  We really don't do the normal wedding video.  We specialize in a "Reality Show" Wedding video.  With interviews with family and friends and lots of in your face action shots!  Recently we have done a Cambodian-American wedding, a Russian-American wedding, and several other terrific weddings.  You can see a sample of our wedding videos by CLICKING HERE.



Harbor Club Olympic Dining Room
                                                       Harbor Club 50th Anniversary Video Documentary
Inventive Productions is proud to have been commissioned to create and produce a documentary about the History of the Harbor Club in Seattle for the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration scheduled for June 18th.  We are travelling to homes and offices of some of Seattle's most interesting people who are recalling their fond memories of the Harbor Club.  Over the past 50 years some of the biggest business deals and small intimate family weddings have all happened at the Harbor Club.  From the movers and shakers of Seattle's financial district to the Maritime Industry leaders, the Harbor Club has been host to some of the most important dignitaries ever to visit the great city of Seattle.  From Danny Kaye to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's son Elliott, from Nelson Mandela to the Premier of China.  We are very proud to be able to help capture the memories of this great institution.  To learn more about the upcoming 50th Anniversary of The Harbor Club go to



Haas Foundation Art Contest
                        The Haas Foundation Art Contest Finalists at the Seattle Aquarium
We are proud to be working with the Haas Foundation to create a video which includes interviews with several attendees and the teenage finalists for their annual Art Contest.  The theme for the Art Contest this year was "Parity."  The annual fundraising breakfast was located at the Seattle Aquarium.  What an awesome place to have a breakfast!  Have some great food, donate to a great cause, recognize the achievements of several kids and teachers, and then go look at octopus' and fish and turtles.  It was a terrifc experience.  To learn more about the Haas Foundation go to


Bombardier LearJet
                                     Bombardier Business Jets Presents
Have you ever been inside a Lear Jet?  While we were down in Southern California for the Legends of Aviation event, we were commissioned by Bombardier Lear Jet Business Jets to make two short videos.  One video was about the terrific VIP Private Party that was held in some hangars near Clay Lacy Aviation in Van Nuys.  The party was awesome.  The hangars were full of incredible array of Lear Jets and lots of interesting people.  I was totally amazed at the great library of cool photos of celebrities who have owned Lear Jets.  Danny Kaye, Frank Sinatra.  Some of the most cool people of all time!
Here is the link so you can watch the Bombardier Presents Clay Lacy PARTY VIDEO. 
The second video Bombardier asked us to make was about the Legends of Aviation event itself. 
Thanks to Bombardier Business Jets and Clay Lacy Aviation for the opportunity to make these videos.

Lakeside Autism
                                                RJ visits Lakeside Center for Autism
As a documentary filmmaker, I am very lucky to be able to meet some of the most interesting people in the world.   This past week I went to the Lakeside Center for Autism to record documentary footage of their work for a short video.  The Lakeside Center for Autism is a finalist for the Eastside Business Award recognized by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.  I spent a couple hours at Lakeside and recorded some very cool kids having a terrific time while learning, too.  I really bonded with those kids.  They made me feel so special.  To learn more about the Lakeside Center for Autism, go to 
To learn more about the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce and the Eastside Business Awards, go to

We just finished making eight short videos for the Living Legends of Aviation benefit
dinner in Beverly Hills.  This project included shooting videos about Elon Musk, Joe Clark, Buzz Aldrin, Kermit Weeks, Sam Williams, Hank Beaird, Dee Howard, and Kurt Russell.  During the production we also interviewed Bill Peare, Bruce McCaw, James Raisbeck, Bob Hoover, and got to meet Tom Hanks.  Here is the short introduction to the Legends of Aviation.

Interview with Cliff Robertson

Academy Award winning actor and Legend of Aviation Cliff Robertson with RJ.
I really enjoyed meeting Cliff and he did a super job in the interview.

Interview with Buzz Aldrin

                     Astronaut Buzz Aldrin with RJ McHatton

It was fantastic interviewing Buzz Aldrin about his life and times.  He is a man
with determination and focus on the future.

Interview with Bob Hoover

Bob Hoover is considered one of the greatest living aviators.  He did a super interview
talking about his good friend Johnny Myers and several of the other Legends of Aviation. 

Interview with Kent Kresa

Kent Kresa is the former Chairman of General Motors and Northrop Grumman.
I interviewed Kent about his memories of Johnny Myers for my documentary
"The Flying Man: Life and Times of John Myers."  Kent is a great guy and he
is a real visionary about the future of aviation and space travel.

Tom Hanks stops in during my interview with Kurt Russell

Here is Kurt Russell during our interview

                                     Kurt Russell with RJ

Interview with Jack Huyler

                       RJ with Jack Huyler at Thacher School

We drove to Ojai, California to interview Jack Huyler at the Thacher School where
John Myers went to school as a child.  John Myers and Howard Hughes graduated
in the same class at Thacher.  Jack was a life long friend of John Myers.  We interviewed
Jack for my new documentary "Flying Man: Life and Times of John Myers."

Paul Hunsberger served for over 27 years in the US Army, at D-Day in World War II, in the Korean War, and in the Vietnam War.

Here is a link to our Inventive Productions BLOG.

 For more info call 541-610-5053