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The best way to capture a story is by getting a custom Documentary Video created using the real words and voice of the people who lived it.

Inventive Productions LLC has become the nation’s leading producer of Custom Historical Documentaries and Video Biographies.  

We are called the “Video AutoBiography Company” because we specialize in helping you tell your story in your own words.


Michael O'Brien


Harrison Ford

Emily Howell Warner


Bob Hoover


General Bill Anders


Linden Blue


Johnny Myers


Tony Bill



Testimonial from Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient John "Bud" Hawk



 Movie Trailer for "Leo the Liberator"







The Singh Family Video Biography



 Wedding Video Sample

Here is a sample of a recent wedding video we produced.



Testimonial from Jim Zorn

It has been a wonderful experience working with Jim Zorn and his family to create his Video Biography.  From his early career as the first Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, to his career as Quarterback Coach for the Seahawks, to his new career as the new head coach for the Washington Redskins, Jim has led a wonderful.  But most importantly and significant is his love for his family and the strength of his religious beliefs. 




Fran and Dave Divelbiss 





The Kneepkens






 Ted & Terry Kilcup





Gordy Graham





 The First Dance







Payne Family Thanksgiving Movie Trailer






 Bowen & Janie Scarff







Woody O'Rourke Video Biography 




Angus Robson

Luke & Grace Kim






Al Farmer

Mary Eschleman

Magda Newman

  Bill & Dorothy Shaw






Joyce Nicolazzi



Dion and Amy McIntosh



Evelyn Birkby



Bill Endicott


 Larry Mercury Morris





Bates - Shoemaker Family

Uncle Tom




We are proud to help Veterans tell their stories in their own words.

We come from a long line of families with military service background.

RJ's mother and father both served in the US Air Force during the 1950s.  In fact that is where his parents met.

RJ's sister Patty just returned from service in the US Navy Seabees stationed in Falujja Iraq. 


Oren Barker

New Fighting Seabees Documentary Project


We are very excited to be producing a new documentary about the Men and Women who have served as Seabees in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, Afghanistan, and Iraq.Attention all Seabees:  send your photos, videos, and stories You can learn more about this exciting new documentary

Veterans History Project

 Inventive Productions is proud to be an official partner in the Veterans History Project.  This is a great project where we are doing free interviews with Veterans from all wars, and then sending the materials to the Library of Congress for archival purposes.  To learn more about the Veterans History Project, go to  If you know of a US Veteran who would like us to interview them, please call 541-610-5053

Here are samples of some interviews we have done for the Veterans History Project.

 We have also created some full length, fully edited movies about Veterans.  Here are some samples of our fully made movies about Veterans.



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If you are thinking about getting a video biography made for you or a loved one, please watch this short video: our DEMO video here


 We can travel anywhere in the world to do the interviews.


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