Inventive Productions


Our pricing at Inventive Productions is very simple.  

There are three ways we can structure your project.

1.  Price by the hour
2.  Create a custom package price
3.  Order an Inventive Productions Special Priced Package (see below)


You-Tube Video or Client Testimonial Video:
Includes Scripting, On-location interviews, editing, royalty free music,
Graphics, Web files, Master DVD.  Total price: $1500


Video Biography (Single Person or a Couple or Company Founder's Video Biography Documentary):
Includes Scripting, On-Location Interviews,
127 Special Questions, Editing, Photo and Media Scanning, Graphics, Royalty Free Music, Web files, Movie Trailer, Master DVD.  Total Price:  $5000


Video Biography of a Town or Video Documentary of a Family or a Historical Documentary of a Corporate Business or Organization
Scripting, On-Location Interviews (25),
Photo Media Scanning, Archival research, Royalty Free Music, Digital Editing, Custom Graphics, Logos,  Movie trailer, Web Files, Master DVD. Total Price: $10,000


Four In One Package: Includes all of the Packages above
You Tube Video
     Client Testimonial Video

      Founders Video Biography or Biography of a Couple
     Video Biography of a Business or Organization or Family

All scripting, scanning media, home movies, archival Research, Movie Trailer, Web files, Master DVDs.  Total Price:  $12,500


Normally we charge an hourly rate per hour for Shooting, Editing, etc.  

We can also create a Custom Package Price based upon your Vision and your Budget.  We can create a package that will work for you.

Formulas:  Normally it takes about four to five hours of editing for every hour of shooting.  For example if it takes one hour for an interview, it would take about four or five hours to edit it into something wonderful and professional.


We normally take a small deposit or retainer upon agreement and then bill our hours on a monthly basis.


We have in-house financing available upon request.

To reserve a project or to answer your questions:  

Call 541-610-5053 or email

One Hundred Percent (100%) Customer Satisfaction Warranty
on our work.