Here are some recent testimonials.

"I was at a football game with my good friend and client John Foley and I mentioned some frustrations my family was experiencing in getting a biography book made about my father. John said I should think about doing a video biography and that his good friend RJ McHatton actually has been doing video biographies for years and for clients all over the world.  RJ and I connected on the phone and he sent me several samples of RJ's work I could see online. We put together an agreement and RJ flew into Salt Lake City to interview my father. RJ was caring and did a great job in making my father and family feel comfortable during the interview process. My family and I enjoyed working with RJ. He made the video biography process fun and this experience has actually helped bring our family closer together. I think having this video biography of my father will become a priceless part of our family legacy. To see and hear my father tell his life story in his own words and with his own unique voice captured forever is amazing, inspiring, and very important.

J. Matt Zundel
Salt Lake City, Utah


"RJ McHatton is a highly skilled video biographer. His technical expertise is top-notch, yet RJ has the creative ability to know how and where to place the visual and the audio elements. He was able to take my ideas and refine them into a much better plan than the one I had envisioned.

RJ was not just interested in me as a client, but as a person whose story he wanted to present in the absolute most memorable way possible. He helped me see the impact my story will have on my descendants sixty years from now. RJ  is personable and willing to make certain I was pleased with every part of the video. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in quality and efficiency."

Kathleen Pulsipher
Salt Lake City, Utah

I love that you always are true to your passion!  You are kind of like a lighthouse, RJ.  Regardless of any fog or storms that come your way, your light shines bright and calls out to those who need it.  Keep on keepin' on my friend. -- Amy Brandt

I have known RJ McHatton of Inventive Productions for nearly a decade and have always been impressed with his enthusiasm and positive energy.  Recently my organization needed a marketing video to be made on-location at a distant property with a limited budget and a short turnaround.  I knew the person to call would be RJ because of his flexibility and the wide variety of projects he's done in the past.  RJ was great to work with.  He met me at the property and he was very professional working with my team and my client.  He put the video together in a timely manner and was a good listener and took our feedback and folded it into the end product seamlessly.  RJ created several drafts based on our feedback until we were completely satisfied, and without hesitation.  I definitely recommend RJ and Inventive Productions for any video project you might need.


Leif S. Johnson

Senior Director

Exvere Inc. Private Investment Banking

1301 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3405 Seattle, WA 98101

p 206.728.1800 | f 206.728.7611 | c 206.683.3814

www.exvere.com | There's a Great Deal at Stake


On Memorial Day I have pause and think about the great video biography you did on my father, WW II veteran Marne L Mercer several years ago. With his passing last year, 70 years after he landed on Utah Beach in the liberation of Europe, the wonderful film you did keeps his memory alive for our family.
But as a testimonial, I also have to thank you for the great interviews of small business owners you shot for Main Street Alliance of Oregon this year. The set ups in The Dalles, Hood River, Eugene and McMinnville went like clockwork. And your great rapport with small business owners (being one yourself), brought out great, candid interview material for our project.
Thanks again for the great work you do as a video biographer and documentary filmmaker.
Lee Mercer
Executive Team Member
Main Street Alliance of Oregon

Dear R.J.
Bill and I will never forget what you did for us and for our family.  The chronicle of Bill's extraordinary life from a Great Depression kid to enlistment in WWII, to his extraordinary service over 60 years to veterans and veterans families, his lifetime as a pilot, his business successes, his love of country, his family and his fellow man, is something we treasure.  Our family is grateful.
Thank you for including us in news of your current and future work.   We are out here, watching for the next installment of your unique and wonderful ability to get the story, to make your subjects feel so comfortable that it all spills out and you put it in pictures and words for them to have forever.  And in such an excellent and professional way.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Irene and Bill Endicott and family
Marysville, Washington


Priceless piece of family history.
Perfectly captured by RJ for generations to come. 
RJ was able to reveal much about my father's past that others were unable to. 
We were very fortunate to discover RJ and his talents.
Andy Licht
Executive Producer of "WATERWORLD" and Producer of "THE CABLE GUY"
Licht Entertainment
Beverly Hills, California

About a year ago I had the idea to create a film for my parents to tell their life story. Over a period of six months or so, I searched for videographers and talked with many throughout the country. None were quite right until I networked into Inventive Productions. Immediately after seeing a few of RJ's films I knew he was the one to create the perfect film for my parents to memorialize their life story for future generations. From Seattle, RJ set up a filming session with my parents in San Francisco and filmed them in their home. RJ peppered them with all the right questions for them to reflect on their life with such animation. RJ would not quit until he was sure we had the best possible film and that we were all fully satisfied with it. He made edits, shifted photos around, found historic images and footage to illustrate key events, and brought my parents' story to life. While my parents were hesitant to take this on, RJ was patient and offered encouragement. There was no obstacle that phased him or that he could not solve. The end product is a film that will be part of our family legacy forever and one that has received accolades from friends and relatives from all over the country.

Mark Falanga
MMPI - Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.
Chicago, IL

"I have had the pleasure of witnessing first hand, some of the finest biographical video ever created. RJ not only captures the essence, he captures the spirit of his client through the works of art he produces. I have watched his career path since High School, progress in a meaningful, valuable, truly contributory manner. I lived in LA for several years and had much exposure to the film industry and the people who profess to be in it. RJ, would be my #1 go to, for any Movie, Video Documentary or professional, or private film requirements. RJ McHatton is extremely talented, well rounded and highly capable of creating a masterpiece through each of his renderings. He is personable, down to earth, trustworthy and can produce on a broad spectrum or in a highly personalized manner, depending on your needs. RJ also creates historical documents for people to hand down through generation's. RJ makes a difference by his contribution to the world everyday he is in it and I am proud to know him. I highly recommend RJ for your corporate and or personal film needs. My best regards always,"
                                                                                 Hilari Titia Newton

“I have known RJ for many years throughout our time of employment with Wyndham/Trendwest. He has been a leader of action showing others how to excell just by having your daily duties required and taking them to the next level. He makes you think...what could you have done to make something better? When RJ adventured off to do his life long dream of videography...I hired him to do a video resume for myself after seeing some video biographies he has done for a few collegues. I wanted something that would help me stand out from the rest...it did not take me long to land a job after having my resume done. If you are ever considering a new job or still trying to get one...talk to RJ about doing a video resume. I recommend it - it will help!”   
                                                                     Grace Conover

“RJ is very in to his project, it not only sells, but does a real genuine heart warming service for his customers. Very High Recommendation.” 

                                              Terry Anderson, Director of Golf, Black Butte Ranch


“The first time I met RJ at a regional meeting of the Association of Personal Historians Inc, I immediately felt like a kindred spirit. He has that way about him that makes you feel important, appreciated, and as though you have been friends forever. I see that kindred-spirit relationship shining through in his work. Whether you're standing face to face, or a camera is between you, he manages to bring out the best in people. Coupling that with his artistic ability and a command of technology, yields phenomenal results. All you have to do is peruse his vast inventory of projects to understand there's something special about his work. He truly puts the "personal" in personal history. I am honored to be his colleague. "
                              ---Paula Bartell Slavens,  Owner, Special Editions Customized Biographies


“RJ is a creative thinker with a passion for his work. His video biographies are outstanding, and his ability to work well with people from all over the world makes him an obvious choice for projects that you care about. I highly recommend RJ's work.” 
                                                                                           Cathy Crosslin


“R.J. and his staff are a pleasure to work with. R.J. listened to our ideas, provided insightful feedback and helped to create a video for our business that told our story better than we imagined. The process was easy with the direction of R.J. Before we new it, we had our product in hand. R.J.'s smile and supportive nature continues to be uplifting and always welcome. I highly recommend R.J. to any individual or any size business who has a story they would like told. He is a charm to work with.” 
                                                                                               Tiffany Robles

“RJ served as a regional coordinator on my committee while I was the Regions Director for APH. Got nothing but good to say about RJ's professional work, which I'm familiar with from our conferences." 
                                       Sarah White,  Regions Director, Association of Personal Historians


“RJ is a wonderful person to work with. During my internship I could observe how RJ was with his clients. It was clear that the interviewee feel very comfortable working with him. He is very knowledgable when it comes to Videoproduction. RJ is a very patient person and took his time to teach me how to put up the studio or to do the editing.” 
                                                                     Divya Rao

“RJ is an expert in the field of videopgraphy and it shows in the great results that he provides to his customers. He is very personable and always goes the extra mile.” 
                                                                                                     Debbie Hamilton



“RJ was great to work for! His passion for his work was evident by the quality and thought he put into each production. He has, without a doubt, a great skill at conveying each person's story thoughtfully and artistically.” 
                                                                                                        Olivia Howe



“RJ is the consummate professional who combines technical expertise with personal integrity to deliver outstanding service.” 
                             Steven Friedman, Personal Historian,  Association of Personal Historians


“RJ is one of those people you can trust and I don't say this lightly. In his business it is critical that people feel a high degree of comfort in order to be real and get the wonderful results that RJ can deliver. His genuine personal effectiveness and concern is a huge plus in today's world of cynicism and apathy.” 
                                                          Pete McDowell, Principal, Performa Business Development


“RJ McHatton is the founder of Inventive Productions. I have had the honor of knowing and working with RJ over the past 5 years. He is a passionate an award winning Director of documentaries. Inventive productions is a very creative company that does video biographies for all who want to share their story with all who are important to them. RJ has a gift of telling inspirational stories from the interviews he shoots and edits. RJ is one of the hardest working Director, Producers in the Video Production Business as well as an amazing Father and Patriot.” 
                                                                                             Marc Castillo

“RJ is very passionate and hard working and I would not hesitate to work with him again.” 
                                                                     Mitchell Pickett,  Producer, Pure Life Productions


“RJ is a film maker extraordinaire, active in his community, with the local chamber and non-profits. He is an all around stand up guy and I'm proud that he is a member of Eastside Entrepreneurs.” 
                                                                     Joe Kennedy, Publisher, Bellevue Business Journal


“I highly recommend RJ and Inventive Productions to anyone wishing to develop superlative quality and edited videos from a professional crew that thrives on accomodating ones' every need." 
                                                                                       Dr. Jack Singer


“Rj is a delight of a human being who somehow manages to straddle the disparate worlds of business and art and make it all work. He's a gifted artist, a skilled manager, and a man of integrity - and he's got a 1000-watt smile that makes the whole world seem right.” 
                                      Beata Jachulski Baker,  Senior Editor, Wyndham Vacation Ownership

“I can not think of anyone more deserving and qualified than my brother RJ. His talent, vision and ability to act on his creative ideas in a organized, planned and finely executed way has made him at the top of every field. But it is his compassion and caring of people that sets him above the rest. He has volunteered thousands of hours in order to preserve our Nations heros, our veterans. As well as many charitable organizations. Getting a chance to work with him one on one at inventive productions was an honor. His work ethic and moral ethic unwavering. RJ also has a great sense of humor and ease about him that attracts clients. The fact that all his many clients over the years are still in contact with him and friends with him speaks volumes. RJ has what I call the "Midas Touch" no matter his endeavor, situation, or goal everything he touches ends up making money and smelling like a rose! He is like a cross between Warren Buffet and Sir Richard Branson with a little John Denver :) 
                                                                                   Patricia Mary McHatton

“I became aware of RJ McHatton and Inventive Productions through our mutual membership in the Association of Personal Historians. Although I have not actually worked with RJ on a project, he would be my first call to handle an interview of a client in the Northwest US. RJ has worked diligently to find the formula for creating creative, innovative and affordable video productions for his personal history clients. Yet every project I have seen looks distinctive and aptly displays the personality of his client. RJ strives to master his craft and has succeeded." 
              Jane Baxter, 2007 Conference Program Chair, Association of Personal Historians

“RJ works really hard to make sure his clients are satisfied. He is honest in his work ethic and easy to work for. He provides a great atmosphere for his staff. RJ is well respected in the community and spends much of his time and resources serving great causes in Bellevue and beyond. He is a master at video production and openly shares his expertise with those who are willing to learn.”
                                                                                 Camille Hansen


“RJ is an excellent interviewer and videographer with a relaxed, friendly attitude that sets people at ease immediately. He's hardworking, professional, and courteous at all times. I would highly recommend RJ if you are looking to preserve a loved one's story on video. He's the best!”
                            Julie McDonald Zander, Owner, Chapters of Life


“RJ and I have worked for some of the same clients and RJ always provides fantastic service with great story telling. Inventive Production's Biographic Videos are something every family should consider.” 
                                                Mike Nakamura, Owner, Mike Nakamura Photography


“RJ McHatton is an extemely talented artist with flair for creative thinking. He blessed with the ability to mix that talent with an aggressive business sense and uses that instinct to create and market himself and his business. In working with RJ I found him to be honorable and fair in his dealings. These attributes combined with a pleasant, yet determined personality make RJ an excellent candidate for anyone contemplating doing business with or hiring him.” 
                                                                                   Brad Hulme

“I know Rj for about 10 years, I knew if him before that, Rj is a true professional. He start his company Inventive Productions LLC about 8 to 9 years ago, in the beginning I didn’t know much of the kind of service/product he was offering and then I have the opportunity to see his videos talking about the life of the people in the film, I was very impress not because the professional job he did in the film, I knew he will do that to begin with, but because of the goal of this films …..to review the life of people, everybody in this world have a story to tell, everybody is done extraordinary thing, like make friends and love others, Rj and his company make a memory to stay with us for generation to come, ladies and gentleman this is absolutely remarkable, the idea to do this films is absolutely unique and genius, you have to see and understand what Inventive Productions LLC offers to understand what I mean. This note is to support and highly recommend this company and Rj as a professional individual." 
                                              Jesus Gonzalez “Chuy” Associate Broker, Suncadia Resort

“The hallmark of RJ’s character is his honesty. This extends from those areas where it is easily seen in relationships and business transactions, as well as in integrity of thought. He approaches any task with an exacting eye, always thorough and meticulous. And, RJ is just one hell of a nice guy.”
                                                                                    Jiwan Ripley


“RJs advice and input has been invaluable to me. I highly recommend him to anyone contemplating doing business with him.”
                                                             Shannon Sperte, Sales, Worldmark by Wyndham

“I am in the process of working with RJ now on a video project. This video will invite the world to share in what we do at the Academy of Koei-Kan Karate-Do through a media that will be visual and easy to share with the world. STAY TUNED FOR VIEWING THE RESULTS. Working with RJ has been very pleasant and rewarding. RJ and all of his staff have been friendly, informative and professional. If you have a story to tell, a loved one to honor, a special moment to capture or a vision to be full-filled. I highly suggest contacting Inventive Productions. RJ's heart and soul is in his work. Such a pleasure to work with.” 
                                                                                          Tiffany Robles



“RJ is one of the most innovative and personable business persons I know. His knowledge of relationship as it pertains to business and customer relations surpasses any other in his field, video production, or even mine, travel and vacation sales. I highly recommend RJ to anyone.” 
                                                                                        Shannon Sperte


I'm so glad that we asked you to interview my Mom. You did the interview in April of last year (Marjorie Lavena Pedigo Dawkins). She passed away from multiple myleoma only three months later on July 10th. I wish we had asked you to do it earlier. The previous year she was still so much sharper than she was when you interviewed her. And I seriously considered asking you to do it then, but procrastinated. But we DO have the interview because you went to her home and interviewed her. That is such a treasure to us. It is a wonderful interview for where she was mentally at the time.

Thank you,
Patricia Summers-Smith

Hi RJ,

Thanks for coming to our meeting yesterday evening.  You do such a great job with the interviews!  You have a way of making people feel comfortable and almost forget there’s a camera!

Thanks again!

Heather Trescases,
Executive Director
Eastside Heritage Center

Thanks so much RJ – the DVD turned out lovely!

We enjoyed working with you!

Thanks again

I must say you do wonderful work and use the best equipment in the field.  We consider ourselves very lucky to have such unique talent you bring to the table. The patient hard work you took making this production is well recognized and very appreciated.

Jeff Kirby, CEO
Puget Sound Security


Your presentation was the best I attended at the conference.
 I thought I signed a list to receive your 124 questions, but perhaps I am mistaken. If that is available I'd love to get that list. I am just geting started and don't think I'l try video with my first attempts with some family members, but your list would be a great start for me developing my own question template.
My son has some video skills and experience and I am hoping he might want to become involved with me. Both of us seeing examples of your work would be terrific so I'd like to take you up on the offer of the DVD you made.
Your generosity is overwhelming and greatly appreciated!
Gary T


Hi RJ,

I just had the opportunity to listen to the workshop you gave at last year's APH conference and I really enjoyed it. At many points I felt like I was listening to myself if that makes any sense. We share a similar philosophy and approach. I definitely also learned something and got some new ideas from you, so thanks! Mostly you just confirmed a lot of what I am currently doing and the tactics I use both in terms of marketing and interviewing.  I just wanted to thank you for being so generous with your insights and experiences. You've inspired me to submit a workshop proposal for this year's conference!

All the best,

Arielle Nóbile,Founder & Director
Family Legacy Productions


"Hi RJ!
 Thank you so much for the wonderful poster of mom & dad’s life story!  Frank & I were with our family in Jackson Hole for Christmas, but we heard it was the hit of Christmas Eve at the Leaf home!  I made posters for mom & dad, and us 5 kids….they loved it!
Thank you again!"


"You have been in my thoughts a lot lately! My Grandfather passed away on Tuesday and my whole family is finding a new appreciation for the beautiful video you created! I can never thank you enough!"

Stacy K.

"Hi RJ.  The poster looks absolutely terrific.  The color and layout is great.  Joyce and I thank you and your staff very much.  It's been a pleasure working with you.  Your personality so fits your position.  Thanks again."

Mike and Joyce Bashey

Hi RJ,

I enjoyed and got a lot out of your session on professional video biographies because it was comprehensive, covering all the things I need to hear about the process: what equipment and how to use it; methods in interviewing; how to communicate with the client.  You covered a great deal very specifically because you talk fast, don't waste time and still have time for questions - an important component.  Good handouts, too.

Cary Chiungos

Dear RJ & Staff,
On behalf of myself and my family I want to thank you so very, very much for doing 
the DVD for Dave's funeral reception and for adding in the beautiful shots of Dave at
Carla's wedding.  That was awesome!  I can't even begin to tell you how many people
came up to us at the reception and called us to tell us how much they enjoyed watching
it.  You really did a super job.  I must tell you that I have watched it at least a dozen
times since Dave passed away.  It makes me feel so good to see him and hear his
voice.  I am so terribly lonely without him but watching the DVD makes me happy
and not so sad..  I am so grateful for having done the DVD.  It couldn't have been a 
better gift from our children and having it done so professionally by you and your crew
will be so wonderful for our future generations to watch and know what this family is
all about.  Thank you for being so compassionate and thank you for being our friend.
With deep appreciation.
Fran and Family

A Testimonial from John "Bud" Hawk (Medal of Honor recipient)



"I attended a workshop at the APH Annual Convention lead by RJ McHatton about Professional Video Biographies, and I had the chance to learn a lot about this discipline.

He represents the synthesis of the highly experienced technician, an excellent professional, a clever entrepreneur, a very didactic speaker and a great person, and maybe a more important issue is that he had been absolutely generous to share his experiences with his colleagues without reserves.
I was completely satisfied and grateful with this workshop experience.”

Eduardo Zemborain, CEO of My Special Book


"Dear RJ,
The DVD you made for our fundraiser brought together the 
various parts of the mission of the Holocaust Center in a clear visual message.
Everyone who saw it went away with an emotional message of the Center's
work in this community."

Laurie Warshal Cohen, Ed.D.
Co-Executive Director
Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center


"Dear RJ,  Thanks for one totally cool workshop.  You rocked the room with
your expertise.  I love that you've turned an intricate production into a simpler
one, using your proprietory tools.  Thanks so much for sharing--It was a 
pleasure to meet you!"

Dreaming Mimi Productions


"Hi RJ,  I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for the wonderful
presentation at our Rotary Meeting.  I received several emails and phone calls
saying how much people enjoyed your program.  We would love to have you
come back in the future and update us on how things are going with you
and your passions.  Several people also asked if they could possibly get
your list of 99 questions also.  Let me know if that is okay.  Again thank
you so much for coming, it was truly a pleasure meeting you. " 

Lauren Hardman


"Dear RJ.  My mother loved the video!!!!  Thanks so much for everything.  My whole family loved the video--we laughed and cried and bonded over our memories and the way we feel about our beloved mom, wife and grandmother!!!"
Joan Pittenger


"Hi RJ..You are the best!  Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your professionalism in wanting me to be completely satisfied with the end product.  I will refer you to anyone asking me about videography."

Dr. Jack Singer


A Testimonial from Jim Zorn, former Seattle Seahawk player and coach,
now the Winning Head Coach of the NFL  Washington Redskins.



"RJ, I have always said you are an amazing person.  Now the Seattle Times has proven it to the world.  You are a special person and I feel honored to know you and be a part of your life."
Linda Kay Porlier


"RJ--I talked to my mom last night--she thinks you are the greatest!!!
Thanks for being so great with my family!"



I just read your list of upcoming events. You crack me up putting your kids first day of school right out there for all of us to read! That is terrific. That sounds like something I would have done.
Are your Jason & Crissy twins?
Thanks for all the video samples. I'm so glad for your business to be thriving as it looks to be. Don't you just love being able to earn a living doing something you have a passion for? Many, many years of success to you and your family.
I talk up "Inventive Productions" anytime I get the chance!


Hi RJ. 
This morning I woke up with a strong desire to hear and see my Mom again--I can't explain
the feeling.  I got out the "This is My Life" video of Ruth (my mom) and played it for myself.
I felt so much better after seeing it and was thinking what a wonderful invention you have
put together.  Your office did such a spectacular job of capturing Mom's memories and
they are so meaningful to me...I am eternally grateful for this video and will treasure it
forever.  Thank you so much.



You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much.  I can't begin to tell you how
excited I am to have something forever like this!
Have a great day!"

Carla Lamar Barr


"RJ...I'm totally overwhelmed!!!!   What a great thing you and your team have done.
God bless you all!!!!!
Irene shares my enthusiasm and says "thank you!!!" as well.
You guys are the greatest!!!    Thank you!!!"

Bill Endicott


Let us help you capture your history, your story, and your voice for future generations.

We specialize in producing Custom:       

  • Video Biographies for Individuals
  • Corporate History DVDs
  • Historical Documentary of a Building
  • Video Biography of a Pet or Animal
  • Historical Organizational Retrospective
  • Company Founder’s Vision DVD
We use Cue Cards and Teleprompters and Scripts to help stimulate your mind with evocative, story-telling questions and gently lead you through the process of capturing your Story in Your Own Words.   A producer stays with you every step of the way from finding the right photos, home movies, stock footage, archival elements, and music to insure that future generations can understand, learn, and be inspired by your story.

Things we can offer:
  • Professional, Supportive, emotionally literate staff.
  • We can shoot interviews in our Comfortable studio and offices or On-Location
  • A dedicated Producer/Editor stays with you through each step of the process
  • We are experts at using Green screen/virtual backgrounds that will allow us to project any photograph or image to be used as the background during pieces of your interview
  • We can do multiple camera or single camera shoots
  • Using 3 cameras allow us to be able to shoot you from many different angles at the same time.   Our editors can edit back and forth with multi angles capturing how you really look, laugh and talk
  • We can shoot your interviews in Standard Definition or High Definition Video
  • Your movie will have a truly professional look
  • We can help you throw an "Opening Night" party and screen your movie to your selected friends, family, employees, clients, or investors.
  • Since we specialize in Historical Documentaries, we can turn your project around in a very short time.
  • We pride ourselves in 100 Percent Customer Satisfaction Warranty
  • We believe in doing whatever it takes to help you achieve your vision

To reserve a project:  

Call 541-610-5053 or email info@inventiveproductions.com