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RJ McHatton has been making Video Biographies for 25 years!
A Sign from God
by RJ McHatton
A couple of days ago I received a text from a friend.
"How is your job selling RVs going?" he asked.
I responded, "Oh, I resigned my position there nine days ago. I am doing my filmmaking full-time now."
"Do you think that was a wise decision?" he asked.
After a moment of thought, I sent him, "I do consider myself to be a wise man. I prayed to God for guidance and he gave me a miraculous sign. Very surprising."
Ever since I was a little boy I have prayed to God for guidance. I am not very religious but I am a man of faith.
I have been making video biographies for over 25 years now and I love it. I love it so much that feel I am good at it. Over the years I have traveled all across America and to some foreign countries, too, interviewing people for video biographies. I've been fortunate to meet big shots and little shots. Famous people and not-so famous people.
Each person has a unique story. A unique way they talk and a wonderful way they laugh. A unique sparkle in their eyes. A favorite teacher. An unfulfilled dream. A regret. And lots of lessons learned.
Over the years sometimes I was forced to take a side job to help support my filmmaking, but every single time I regret it. My heart is in making video biographies of people, places, things, and ideas too.
Last month when I was all alone I prayed to God for guidance, and just an hour later God gave me an undeniable sign. A sign so surprising and unexpected, that it took my breath away and I started crying.
God was telling me that I needed to be making video biographies. Because it helps people and I am good at it.
Today I learned that a good man has died. I made his video biography last year. He was truly a remarkable man who lived a wonderful life. You get very close to a person when you make a movie about their life. You begin to understand their beliefs, their values, and their character. I will never forget this man because he taught me many lessons about life.
You see, I am very selfish. I make video biographies of people because I get to learn wisdom and values and character and faith every day.
Of course, the families are grateful that we did the biography when we did. They treasure and appreciate having their loved-one's voice forever.
But every time I remember the person telling me the happy moments of their life, the pearls of wisdom, and the secrets to a wonderful life.
So, I just wanted to let you know that I am making video biographies full time now. And it's just meant to be.
If you have a video biography project that you feel I could help you with, just let me know. I can travel anywhere in the world to do the interviews.
Thanks for listening to my story about my Sign from God.
Warm regards,
RJ McHatton
Inventive Productions
The Video Biography Company
Phone (541) 948-9769
Email: rj@inventiveproductions.com


Twenty One years ago, documentarian RJ McHatton took his young son Jason to see his grandfather's grave.  Jason immediately asked, "Tell me about him, Dad..."  RJ wished he had sat his father down in front of his camera and interviewed him on video.  Jason would have then been able to hear his grandfather's voice telling his own stories, experience his contagious laughter and see first-hand what an affectionate character he truly was.  Inspired by his son's question, RJ started shooting and recording history for Genealogical Societies, Hospices, and Habitat for Humanity on a voluntary basis.  Inventive Productions, the Autobiography Company, was born.  Someone once said, "a person dies twice.  Once when they die, and another time when they are forgotten."  We don't want to forget you.

VALUES:  Our values are very important to us.  Treat people with respect and dignity.  Back your work 100 percent.  Go the extra mile to help others.  Being completely Honest, Caring for others, and being a good listener.   The ten commandments are a pretty good list to follow and live by.  You know more about a person or team's character when times get tough than during the easy times.  We aspire to have tremendous character, to being there when you need us.

Inventive Productions LLC is a national, full-service, independent Video and Film Production Company, with Studios located in the Pacific Northwest.    We travel anywhere in the world to do our projects.

Our professional crews have written, shot, and directed film and video projects on-location all across the United States and numerous other countries, including Pakistan, Korea, and Uganda.

No matter how big your project is, or how small it is, we can help you achieve your vision with Video or Film.

Over the past twenty years we have produced a wide variety of video and film productions, on-location and at our studios.


RJ McHatton with daughter Crissy on location shooting a documentary.

Inventive Productions LLC is a team of creative filmmakers who are dedicated to helping people tell their stories in their own words.  We have helped the new tidal wave for the cottage industry of custom Video Biography and Corporate History DVDs.   

RJ McHatton is the award-winning writer-director-producer and cinematographer of over 100 documentaries including  UMATILLA and THE SHIP OF MIRACLES, director of short films ARREST MOMMY and DUCT TAPE, and the feature film THE RED SUIT.  He is a published author of four books of fiction-- the novels MY KIDS and THE DIRTY DEED and BONUS TIME AND OTHER SHORT STORIES, and THE BRILLIANTS (all available at Amazon.com).  

Here is RJ's documentary "Ship of Miracles":

Ship of Miracles - documentary by RJ McHatton from RJ McHatton on Vimeo.

RJ is a proud member of the Association of Personal Historians.  Over the years RJ has written, produced, and directed hundreds of Video Biographies and Corporate History documentaries.

He is a proud member of the International Documentary Association (IDA) , 911 Media Arts, the Organization of American Historians, the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild, and several other organizations.  


RJ with director Frank Capra

Here is Director Frank Capra with RJ McHatton in 1980.

RJ was in the theater business in those days.  He was
manager then owner of the Tower Theater in Fresno.  Some
of his favorite memories include his Tower Blues Festival
where he met the legendary blues man John Lee Hooker,
and then RJ remembers going partners with comedy tycoon
Budd Friedman on McHatton's Tower Comedy Festival Series with lots
of famous standup comics
including Jim Carrey, Dana Carvey, Ellen DeGenneris,
and Paul Rodriguez.  Probably RJ's favorite moments from those
years was his getting to meet and spend time with the great
movie star Debby Reynolds, film director Frank Capra,
screenwriter-director Robert Towne, and the very independent filmmaker
Russ Meyer who never went anywhere without his 35mm Arriflex
movie camera in the trunk of his Mercedes.

This year RJ has had the opportunity to interview many great people
including actors Harrison Ford, Cliff Robertson, and Kurt Russell,
auto pioneer Carroll Shelby, actor John Gavin,
and former Secretary of State Warren Christopher.  

Here are some photos of RJ with Harrison Ford.

 RJ McHatton with Harrison Ford and his airplanes

      RJ McHatton with Harrison Ford

                    Kurt Russell with RJ McHatton

               Cleo and Carroll Shelby with RJ McHatton

            Astronaut Buzz Aldrin with RJ McHatton

              Tom Hanks, Kurt Russell, and RJ McHatton

RJ enjoys travelling all across America and to foreign countries to shoot documentaries.  In recent years, his work has taken him to South Korea and Pakistan. You can learn more about RJ's background by going to www.rjmchatton.com

Here is a nice article written about RJ in Ageless Magazine.


This year RJ and the Inventive Productions Team are proud of the new feature-length  Motion Pictures we are producing.  

Another exciting project we are making is the new "CEOs of America" Project.
For more information go to www.ceosofamerica.com


Executive Producer Bill Peare is the former VP of Horizon Airlines, former VP of Thousand Trails, and co-founder and CEO of Trendwest Resorts.  As the CEO of Trendwest Resorts he took a startup vacation ownership and hospitality company in 1992 from only two condos to an industry leading International company in 2004.  In 2004 Trendwest Resorts was sold to Cendant Corporation.  Bill Peare is a visionary who knows first hand the importance and value of a Video Biography.  He is co-founder of Inventive Productions LLC.  You can learn more about Bill by clicking HERE.


Executive Producer Jeff Sites was the co-founder of Trendwest Resorts in the early 1990s.  As CFO for Trendwest Resorts, he was instrumental in organizing the IPO and eventual sale of the company to Cendant Corporation for nearly $1 Billion in 2004.  Jeff is a visionary who has total belief in the importance of Video Biographies for every American family.  He is co-founder of Inventive Productions LLC,

Bill Maxwell is our Production Coordinator.  Bill brings several decades
of experience as a quality project manager in real estate, marketing,
manufacturing, and other industries.  Bill also is an avid horseman.

Tyler Griffin is a managing Editor and Producer with Inventive Productions.  He has produced numerous projects including TV commercials, marketing videos, and Video Biographies.  Tyler has a tremendous background in Television News, Documentaries, and is a terrific manager.  This past year Tyler spent a month in Africa documenting the moving of an orphanage in Kenya.  Tyler has dedicated his life to helping others.  We are pleased to work with a person of such strong character and integrity. 

Eric Munch is one of the most skilled editors we have ever seen.  He and his partner Jori work deep into the night to create magic with the computer editing systems.  Eric is a natural story teller who really goes the extra mile to bring out the remarkable moments of a video or film.  Eric is terrific at using music to help bring in the audience to the project.  We are very happy and grateful to have Eric and Jori on our team.

Lisa Malchow first came to work as an intern at Inventive Productions, doing pro bono editing
work.  She proved to be a great storyteller and a fabulous editor.  We are very impressed
with her committment to helping others.

Here is a message from Lisa Malchow, who just returned from a trip to Paris!

I have been filming and editing videos since high school. 
I majored in Commercial Music but my first love is videography. 
I've had the awesome opportunity to travel to the Philippines, 
Israel and Kenya to film and edit documentaries of Aid organizations. 
I am excited to build my career in video productions and hopefully 
do some more traveling while capturing different cultures on film! 
I love being an editor and bringing out the touching and meaningful 
moments for clients. 


Jessie Lenderman is a Producer-Editor extraordinarre. 
She is a fantastic storyteller and really loves to 

edit documentaries.  She works from her studio in   Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She edited 
two great video biographies for Inventive Productions

about an Italian-Irish family in Buffalo, New York. 
We really are pleased to have Jessie on our team. 


      Heather Fallon with a monkey in Bolivia HEATHER FALLON is an aspiring anthropological documentarian as well as an editor for Inventive Productions.  She has created films such as Rio Mamore, exemplifying the Amazonian lifestyle, and A Long Way Home, the journey of an Irish immigrant coming to America.   Her ultimate goal is to create a series showing a glimpse of the most exotic lifestyles and cultures throughout the world.   Heather is also passionate about health and fitness and is a Personal Trainer for EPH Bodystyling in Bellevue.   Heather recently did a fantastic job editing the Video Biography of Leo Hymas aka "Leo the Liberator."   



Julie Zander has a very impressive background as a journalist, editor, and a regional and national leader of the Association of Personal Historians (www.personalhistorians.org)

Julie is working with Inventive Productions clients to help guide them through the processes necessary to write a winning biography or autobiography book.   

Have you ever thought about writing a book?  Julie would be happy to meet with you to discuss your vision and show you how to achieve your dream.  For more details email info@inventiveproductions.com   

Equipment & Technology

Here at Inventive Productions, we love technology and lots of cool equipment.

When it gets down to the final product, though, we believe that people really do not care about what technology or equipment was used to make the movie.  It really comes down to the story.  The music.  The performance.

Our background has been in filmmaking since the 1960s, and we have skills and experience in all kinds of cinematography and videography.  From Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, stop-motion animation, 3-D computer animation, all web video formats, including FLASH, our team can handle your needs.  We will use whatever technology it takes to tell your story.  But on-time and on-budget. 

Currently we shoot 90 percent of our productions on HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO.

We shoot over half of our productions using portable and permanent GREEN SCREENs.  We have a permanent Green Screen in our Redmond Studios.

We are dedicated users and believers in the FINAL CUT PRO STUDIO editing program.  We use SENNHEISER microphones and KINO FLO lighting sytems.  We own our own ARRIFLEX motion picture cameras and have access to other systems including PANAVISION.  We use image stabilizing systems including FLOW POD systems in many of our productions.  We own our own teleprompter system and a jib-arm, too.  We also have access to all kinds of other cool Jib-Arm and crane systems, too.

 Our Webmaster:

Kevin Jurgens is our web designer.  If you are thinking about a website, we trully recommend you talk to Kevin.  He is dependable, great to work with, and has tremendous knowledge and skills.  He also is the one of the world's great fishing experts.  You can reach Kevin at kevin@fisheyesoup.com



Inventive Productions - Current and Past Clients


For information on how we can create a custom Video or Film for you, your family, or your organization please email or call today at 541-948-9769 or email .RJ@inventiveproductions.com


Inventive Productions --   Current and Past Clients,
and Interviewees
  • Ruben Abrica, East Palo Alto, CA, testimonial video for Gordy Graham
  • Tamara Abrams, Los Angeles, CA, family video biography
  • Dan Absher, Absher Construction, Puyallup, WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Melissa Acton-Buzard, Chameleon Technologies, Kirkland WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Airport Journals, Centennial, CO, Legends of Aviation video
  • Alaska Structures, Kirkland WA, location shoot in Pakistan, editing
  • Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut, Beverly Hills, CA, Legends of Aviation
  • Peter Allen, Morgan Stanley, Los Angeles, CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Amen Clinics, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • American Cancer Society, Bellevue WA, fundraising video
  • Major General Bill Anders, Bellingham WA, Legends of Aviation
  • Rick Anderson, Moss Adams, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Jerry Andres, Redmond, OR, retirement video
  • Suzie Arnett, Los Angeles, CA, shoot EEG event in Seattle
  • Avidian Technologies, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Kenneth Baff, Federal Way, WA, memorial video for his mother
  • Dr. Dan Baldwin, Puyallup WA, Marketing Video
  • Barbara and Bob Balkema, Snohomish WA Video Biography
  • Barbeque Shack, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Thomas Barghausen, Barghausen Consulting Engineers, Kent WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Oren Barker, Medina WA, Veterans History Project
  • Mike Bashey, Bellevue, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Bashey, Hutchinson, & Walter CPA, Bellevue WA, Youtube marketing video
  • Roy & Patricia Bates, Glendale AZ, Autobiography Video
  • BBQ Petes, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Laurent Beaudoin, CEO of Bombardier Aerospace, Montreal, Canada, Legends of Aviation
  • Troy Bell, NBA sports hero, Seattle, WA, NBA documentary
  • Ed Belleba, Friends of Youth, Redmond WA "Eastside Business Awards"
  • Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, Bellevue WA, Awards Dinner Video
  • Eric Bensussen, BDA & Associates, Woodinville, WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Al Bentley, Seattle WA,  "New Fighting Seabees Documentary"
  • Steve Berman, Attorney, Seattle, WA, interview for documentary about  war crimes in Bougainville, New Guinea
  • Bob Berntson, Berntson Porter CPA, Bellevue WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Bob Bertheau, Woodinville, WA, parents 50th anniversary video
  • Dr. Mathias Berry, Redmond, WA Consulting & Marketing Videos
  • Mary & Chente Benevides, Leavenworth WA, wedding video
  • Tony Bill, Venice Beach, CA, Legends of Aviation video
  • Dr. Forrest Bird & Pam Bird, Sagle, Idaho, Video Biography
  • Evelyn & Robert Birkby, Sidney, IA, Autobiography Video
  • Dan Blanchard, American Safari Cruises, Seattle WA "CEOS of Seattle Documentary"
  • Herb Blanchard, Seattle WA   "Veterans History Project"
  • Linden Blue, Carlsbad, CA, Legends of Aviation interview
  • Bombardier Aerospace, Montreal, Canada, marketing video
  • Joan Bonvicini, Seattle University Women's Basketball Head Coach, Cathy Crosslin testimonial video
  • Jeffry Borgida, CEO of Allied Waste, Bellevue WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Christina Brandt, AtWork!, Bellevue WA "Eastside Business Awards"
  • Brigadier General Julius Braun, Gleneden Beach, OR, video biography
  • Dr. Janet Brill, Parkland, Florida, marketing video
  • Luther Brock, East Palo Alto, CA, David Lewis documentary
  • Paul Buckman, Pathway Medical Technologies, Bellevue WA "Eastside Business Awards"
  • City of Bucoda, Washington, Bucoda, WA, Biography of a Town
  • Paul Burton, Hood River, OR marketing video
  • Bush Kitchen, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Charles Butzberger, Burien WA, Veterans History Project
  • Norm Blye, Renton, WA Autobiography Video
  • Albert Campbell, Seattle WA, Veterans History Project
  • Scott Carsberg, Seattle WA   "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Kurt Carlson, Propel Insurance, Tacoma WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Pedro Castro, Magellan Architects, Redmond WA "Eastside Business Awards Video"
  • Stefano Catalani, Curator at Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Margaret and Tony Catanzariti, Mercer Island, WA, video biography
  • Christian Chabot, Tableau Software, Seattle WA "CEOs of Seattle documentary"
  • Jim Charpentier, BNBuilders, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Tony & Annie Cheng, Netstar Communications, Bellevue WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Howard Chermak, Chermak Construction, Edmonds WA, "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Richard Christiansen, Mesa, AZ, Veterans History Project
  • Warren Christopher, former Secretary of State, O'Melveny & Myers, Los Angeles, CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Joe Clark, CEO Aviation Partners, Seattle, WA, Legends of Aviation, Tribute to Milt Kuolt
  • Cle Elum Fire Dept, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Dave Coffman, Coffman Engineers, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Carla Corkern, Talyst, Bellevue WA "Eastside Business Awards Video"
  • Robert Cremin, Esterline, Bellevue WA "Eastside Business Awards Video"
  • Cathy Crosslin, CEO of Instar Performance, Redmond WA "Case Study Videos"
  • Tom Cruise, Living Legends of Aviation
  • General John Dailey, Smithsonian Institute, Air & Space Museum, Washington DC, "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Dataweb, Seattle WA, marketing video
  • DCI Engineers, Bellevue WA, Corporate History documentary
  • Dr. Mark Dedomenico, PRO Sports Clubs, Redmond WA "CEOS of Seattle Documentary"
  • Delphi Steering, Saginaw, Michigan, Case Study Video
  • Joe Denver, Ardmore PA, Veterans History Project
  • Melanie Dressel, Columbia Banking System, Tacoma WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Jay Deutsch, BDA & Associates, Woodinville WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Tad Devine, Corona Del Mar, CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Matt Diefenbach, Turnstyle Design, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Mic Dinsmore, CEO Port of Seattle, Seattle, WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Dave & Fran Divelbiss, Roslyn, WA Autobiography Video
  • Eric Donnelly, Seattle WA "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Sharath Dorbala, SVP of Vertafore, Bothell, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Tom Douglas, Seattle WA  "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Joan Duffell, Committee for Children, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Pat & Jean Duffy, Bellevue WA, Transfer VHS to DVD
  • Scott Duke, Bothell WA, Video Biography of his mother
  • Jim & Elana Dwyer, Moscow, Russia, wedding video
  • Eastside Domestic Violence Program, fundraising Video
  • Eastside Heritage Center, Bellevue, WA, fundraising Video
  • Dr. Philip Eaton, President Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Ted & Joan Eaton, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Video Biography Interview
  • Dean Echelbarger, Edmonds WA, Autobiography Video
  • Tyler Echelbarger, Edmonds WA, Real Estate Marketing Video
  • Grace Elworth, Bothell WA, Video Resume
  • Emerald City Smoothie, Mercer Island, WA, franchisee testimonial video
  • Emerald Heights, Redmond, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Bill Endicott, Marysville WA, Autobiography Video
  • Entirenet, Bellevue WA, Video Labcasts for Microsoft software release
  • Pat Epps, Epps Aviation, Legends of Aviation
  • Mary Elizabeth Eschleman, Skillington, PA, Autobiography Video
  • Excellent Cultures, Tacoma, WA, Case Study Videos
  • Explosion Basketball, Monroe WA Video Coverage for 2008 Season
  • Mark Falanga, Chicago, IL, video biography
  • Sal & Dolores Falanga, Walnut Creek, CA, video biography
  • Al Farmer, Sherwood, OR, Autobiography Video
  • Gregory Farnum, Cle Elem, WA, Autobiography Video of his Grandmother
  • Tamara Ferguson & Marilyn Ferguson, Auburn WA, Video Biography
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  • Kathryn Flynn, Fertile Foods, Bellevue WA "Cooking for Fertility DVD project"
  • Daniel Foley, Fresno CA, Autobiography Video
  • Violet Folk, Everett, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Harrison Ford, Santa Monica, CA, Legends of Aviation video interview
  • Bob Foushee, CEO Foushee & Associates, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Bonnie Fraser, Burlington WA, Video Biography
  • Bob Frause, Frause Inc., Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Morgan Freeman, Legends of Aviation Flown West video
  • Vanna Fut, Seattle, WA, video biography
  • Shannon Gallusha, Seattle WA   "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • John Gavin, actor (appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho"), former Ambassador to Mexico, Beverly Hills, CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Nicole Gelpi, Yellow Mountain Stoneworks, Seattle WA "Artitudes Design Testimonial"
  • Ron Gift, Mercer Island WA, Veterans History Project
  • Adela Gonzales, Fresno, CA, Gordy Graham testimonial video
  • Tom Goodenow, CEO The Harbor Club, Seattle, WA, 50th Anniversary Video
  • Kevin Goodwin, Sonosite, Bothell WA "Eastside Business Awards Video"
  • Virgil Gorans, Redmond WA, Veterans History Project 
  • Daisley Gordon, Seattle WA "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Ben Graham, Turnstyle Design, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Gordon Graham, Redmond, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Cam Green, Green Rubino, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Dan Greenshields, Sharebuilder, Bellevue WA "Eastside Business Awards Video"
  • Bert Gregory, Mithun, Seattle WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Chuck Grouws, CHG Building Systems, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Guidant Financial, Eastside Business Awards
  • Sonny Gupta, CEO of Apptio, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Janet Haberbush, Windermere Real Estate, Seattle WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Holly Halweg, Amen Clinics, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Brian Haner, Image Source, Kirkland WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Tom Hanks, actor, Living Legends of Aviation
  • Harbor Club, Seattle, WA, 50th Anniversary Video
  • Dale Harlan, Lincoln City, OR, video biography
  • Rob Harris, CEO Pacific Market International, Seattle, WA, CEOs of America
  • Scott Harrison, Barclay Dean, Bellevue WA "Eastside Business Awards Video"
  • Cathi Hatch, CEO Zino Society, Seattle, WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Spencer Hawes, NBA sports hero, Seattle, WA, NBA documentary
  • John D. “Bud” Hawk, Bremerton, WA, Medal of Honor Autobiography Video
  • Fumiko Hayashida, Seattle WA "Video Biography" "Japanese internment stories"
  • Rick Head, Clothier & Head, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • John Hempelmann, Cairncross & Hempelmann, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Gene & Marian Hensley, Kenmore, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Pat Herbold, US Ambassador Republic of Singapore, Seattle, WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Karl Hermanns, SeedIP, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Gabe Herner, Kirkland, WA, Video Biography Video
  • Andrea Heuston, Artitudes Design, Issaquah WA, "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Barron Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA Legends of Aviation interview
  • Hinder Concessions, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Shari Marion-Hoff, Hawkeye Cohesion, Seattle WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Bob Hoover, Palos Verdes, CA, Legends of Aviation interview
  • Leo Hymas, Whidbey Island WA, Autobiography Video
  • Fern Herbert, Attorney, Bellevue WA, TV commercial
  • Gabe Herner, Kirkland, WA, Video Biography
  • Mike Hinz, Schneider Trucking, Green Bay, WI, Excellent Cultures video
  • Joy Hollingsworth, Seattle University Assistant Basketball coach, Seattle, WA, Cathy Crosslin testimonial video
  • Lewis Horowitz, CEO Lane Powell, Seattle, WA, Best Workplaces Video
  • Hunsberger Family, Seattle, WA - memorial video
  • Patrick Husting, CEO of Extended Results, Redmond, WA, Eastside Busines Awards
  • Instar Performance, Redmond, WA, marketing videos
  • Intellius, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • InvestED, Seattle, WA, fundraising video
  • Brad Jackson, Two Degrees, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Naveen Jain, Intellius, Bellevue WA "Eastside Business Awards Video"
  • Jamba Juice, Gig Harbor, WA Grand opening video
  • Pooh Jeter, NBA sports hero, Seattle, WA, NBA documentary
  • Jim's Auto Sales, Cashmere WA  TV Commercial
  • Dave Johnson, Elite Fitness, Bellevue WA "CEOS of Seattle Documentary"
  • Leif Johnson, Exvere, Seattle WA "Cave B Winery Resort Video"
  • Marty Johnson, Seattle WA,  "New Fighting Seabees Documentary"
  • David Jones, Projectline, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Clayton Jones, CEO of Rockwell Colling, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Legends of Aviation
  • Steve Jones, CEO of Explore Consulting, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Tom Jones, Moraga Vineyards, Bel Air CA, "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Terry & Ted Kilcup, Tacoma WA, Autobiography Video
  • Peg Keough, Bellevue WA, Autobiography Video of her parents
  • Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia, Bellevue WA "Eastside Business Awards Video"
  • Mike Kichline, Projectline, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Adeline Kim, Woodinville WA, Video biography
  • Luke & Grace Kim, Seal Beach, CA, Video Biography
  • Paul Kim, architect, Los Angeles CA interview for Video Biography
  • Randy Kim, Bellevue WA, Cross Promotional video
  • Keff Kirby, CEO of Puget Sound Security, Bellevue, WA, training videos
  • Scott Kluesner, Schneider Trucking, Green Bay, WI, Excellent Cultures video
  • Barbara Knapp, Kirkland WA, Christmas Video
  • John & June Kneepkens, Mercer Island WA, Video biography
  • Harold & Michelle Knudsen, Gleneden Beach, OR Video Biography
  • John Koenig, Seattle WA  "New Fighting Seabees Documentary"
  • Kent Kresa, CEO of General Motors, Los Angeles, CA, Flying Man Documentary
  • Ken Krivanec, CEO of Quadrant Homes, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Robert Kunold, Foster Pepper, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Gilbert Kvam, Kirkland WA, Video Biography
  • Stacy Kvam, CEO SK Wedding & Event Design, Kirkland, WA, wedding videos
  • Clay Lacy, Clay Lacy Aviation, Van Nuys, CA, "Flying Man Documentary" 
  • Peter LaHaye, Woodman Lodge, Snoqualmie WA, Biography of a Building
  • Lakeside Center for Autism, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Carla Lamar & Jack Barr, Roslyn WA, Wedding Video
  • Lola LeBlanc, Group Health Cooperative, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Anika Lehde, Projectline, Seattle Wa "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Angie Lepley, Tangerine Travel, Bothell WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Nancy Leson, Seattle Times, Seattle WA  "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Peter Levine, Seattle WA  "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Abner Levy, Beverly Hills, CA, Video Biography
  • Letip International, San Diego, CA, Power Breakfast Event DVD
  • David Lewis Family, East Palo Alto, CA, video biography
  • Shyvonne Lewis, East Palo Alto, CA, David Lewis film
  • Zachary Lewis, East Palo Alto, CA, David Lewis film
  • Andy and David Licht, Beverly Hills, CA, Video Biography
  • Charlie Liekweg, AAA Washington, Bellevue, "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Linda Linderman, Seaview, WA, Memorial Video of husband Rob Linderman
  • Lucky Strike Bowling, Bellevue WA, Grand opening event video
  • Bev & Ed Leaf, Shelton, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Virginia Lintott, Chehalis, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Paul Loberg, Redmond OR, Autobiography Video
  • Vuong Loc, Seattle WA   "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Bill Locke, Seattle WA, Veterans History Project
  • Chris Lofgren, CEO Schneider Trucking, Green Bay, WI, Excellent Cultures video
  • Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Jim Lovell, Astronaut, Legends of Aviation
  • Scott Luttinen, Washington Trust Bank, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Jeffrey Lyon, GVA Kidder Mathews, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Colleen MacIntosh, Kirkland, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Main Street Alliance of Oregon, Portland, OR  Small business owners interviews
  • Irene V. Marbach, Vancouver WA, Memorial Video
  • Charles Marker, Langley WA, Veterans History Project
  • Chris Martin, CEO of Cleanscapes, Seattle, WA, CEOs of America video
  • Daryl Martin, Redmond Historical Society, Redmond, WA
  • Ward Martin, Redmond WA, Veterans History Project Interview
  • Edgar Martinez, Branded Solutions, Kirkland WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Mavericks Casino, Cle Elum, WA, marketing video
  • Joni McDonald, Redmond, OR, John McDonald memorial video
  • Ron McHatton, Chester Springs PA, Autobiography video
  • Tom McHatton, Chester Springs PA, Autobiography video
  • Dion & Amy McIntosh, Hollywood, CA, Autobiography-Wedding Video
  • Carol McMahon, Oak Harbor, WA Photo Montage Video Biography
  • Lee Mercer, Silverton, OR, video biography of Marne Mercer
  • Janice Merriweather, Long Beach CA, "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Francis Meyers, Seattle WA  "New Fighting Seabees Documentary"
  • Linda Mills, NYU, New York, NY,  David Lewis documentary
  • Eileen Mintz, Seattle WA   "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Bob Moeller, Seattle WA  "New Fighting Seabees Documentary"
  • John Moga, Harbor Club President, Seattle, WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Sharon Mooers, Olive Crest Homes for Abused Children, Seattle WA "Artitudes Design Testimonial Video"
  • Dick Monson, New York, Video Biography
  • Annie Montgomery, Redmond, OR, Memorial video of her mother
  • Bobby Moore, Seattle WA "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Douglas Moorhouse, Napa CA, Veterans History Project Interview
  • Ben Morales, Harbor Club MatreDee, The Harbor Club, Seattle WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Elizabeth Morgan, CollinsWoerman, Seattle, WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Larry Mercury Morris, Lakewood, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Duke Moscrip, CEO Duke's Chowder, Seattle, WA, CEOs of America
  • Motricity, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Mt Peoh Productions, Cle Elum, WA Pork in the Pines
  • Peter Mullin, MullinTBG, Beverly Hills, CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Shirley Mulliken, Bellevue WA, Autobiography Video
  • Dolores Murphy, Buffalo, NY, Autobiography Video
  • Pat Murphy, Irving, NY, Autobiography Video
  • Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Motors & SpaceX, Hawthorne, CA, Legends of Aviation
  • Lou & Wes Myers, Pacific Palisades, CA, Legends of Aviation
  • Greater Nashville Association of Realtors, Nashville TN, Case Study Video
  • Louis Neeld, Camino Island WA, Veterans History Project
  • Bill Neubauer, Seattle WA  "New Fighting Seabees Documentary"
  • Cameron Dean Nichols, Seattle, WA, Seattle NBA Basketball Documentary
  • Richard & Joyce Nicolazzi, Milwaukee, WI, Autobiography Video
  • Kelly Noonan, Stokes Lawrence, Seattle WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • LeRoy Nosbaum, Itron, Liberty Lakes, WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Naomi Novotny, SaltWorks, Bellevue WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Zoe Dell Nutter, Dayton, Ohio, Legends of Aviation 
  • Michael O'Brien, Kirkland WA, Autobiography Video
  • Brayden Olson, CEO of Novel, Inc, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Woody O’Rourke, Roslyn, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Paula Ortega, Bellevue, WA, Wedding Anniversary Love Letter Video
  • LuEllen Oskey, Schneider Trucking, Green Bay, WI, Excellent Cultures video
  • Outpost Books, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Overlake Hospital Medical Center, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Eric Overton, Sparling, Seattle WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Owens Meats, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Chuck Oxford, CEo of Lakeside Collision, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Sekou Page, Microsoft, Los Angeles, CA "Entirenet Labcast Video"
  • Ashton Palmer, Expedition Trips, Seattle WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Bill Palmer, CEO of CFOS Foundation, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Bob & Jackie Pappas, Bellevue, WA, Husband-Wife Autobiography Video
  • Patti Payne, Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Sandi & Chris Payne, Seattle, WA, Family Video Biography
  • Pacific Institute, Seattle WA, History & Culture Video Series, assorted projects
  • Melinda Partin, Worktank, Seattle WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Sandi & Christopher Payne, Seattle WA, Video Biography
  • Bill Peare, Cle Elem, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Connie Peare, Phoenix, AZ, Autobiography Video
  • Gordon Perin, Seattle WA  "New Fighting Seabees Documentary"
  • Rick Peterson, Bellevue WA, interview for Mike O'Brien video biography
  • Nichole Pettway, East Palo Alto, CA, testimonial for Gordy Graham
  • Joan Pittenger, Bellevue WA, Photo Montage for Birthday party 
  • Jeff Pluckett, Legends of Aviation
  • Tiffany Pollard, Bellevue WA, Cooking Show video production
  • Linda Kay Porlier, Leavenworth, WA, Video Business Card, Audiobook
  • Joan and Bill Potter, Seattle, WA, Video Biography
  • David Price, CEO American Airports Corp, Santa Monica CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Providence Marianwood, Issaquah, WA, fundraising Video
  • Bob & Carol Puccinelli, Sacramento CA, Autobiography Video
  • Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle, WA,  Best Workplace Video
  • Puget Sound Security, Bellevue WA, Marketing Video
  • Byron Q, Film Director of feature film BANG BANG, San Diego, Seattle premier interview
  • James Raisbeck, Seattle, WA, Legends of Aviation
  • Thierry Rautureau, Seattle WA  "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Jennifer and Doug Read, Seattle, WA, wedding video
  • Redmond Historical Society, Redmond WA, Biography of Daryl Martin
  • Eric Rhoads, Redondo Beach CA, "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Karen Ridlon, Eastside Baby Corner, Bellevue WA "Eastside Business Awards"
  • Chuck Riley, Lane Powell, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Dick Ritchie, Schneider Trucking, Green Bay, WI, Excellent Cultures video
  • Rick Rizzs, Seattle Mariners Broadcaster, Seattle, WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Cliff Robertson, Long Island, NY, Flying Man documentary, Legends of Aviation
  • Harold Robinett, Langley WA, Veterans History Project
  • Frank Robinson, CEO of Robinson Helicopters, Torrance, CA, Legends of Aviation
  • Angus Robson, Seattle WA, Autobiography Video
  • Jim Rogers, Rogers & Norman Insurance, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Root Wireless, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Rotary of Upper Kittitas county, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Mark Rourke, Schneider Trucking, Green Bay, WI, Excellent Cultures video
  • John Rubino, Green Rubino, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Kurt Russell, actor, Pacific Palisades, CA, Legends of Aviation
  • Safe Call Now, Seattle, WA, fundraising video
  • David Sarraf, Santa Monica CA, Video Biography
  • Bowen & Janie Scarff, Kent, WA Autobiography Video
  • Marty Schillaci, The Resource Group, Renton, WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Schneider National Trucking, Green Bay WI, Case Study Video
  • Stan Selden, Selden Furniture, Fife, WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Bill & Dorothy Shaw, Long Beach, WA, Autobiography Video
  • Ed Shaw Entertainment, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Greg Shaw, Seattle, WA, "Veterans History Project"
  • Cleo & Carroll Shelby, Beverly Hills, CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Casey Sheldon, Weber Shandwick PR, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Chuck Shelton, Sammamish, WA Motivational Speaker Video
  • Darcy Shinn, Auburn, WA, Heidi's Promise video
  • Roger & Christine Silk, Sherman Oaks, CA Video Biography
  • Chester "Tre" Simmons, NBA sports hero, Seattle, WA, NBA documentary
  • Langdon Simons, Jr., Seattle, WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Dr Jack Singer, Laguna Niguel, CA, marketing video
  • Jill Singh, Kirkland WA, Video biography
  • Steve & Heather Singh, Medina WA, Video Biography 
  • Steve Singh, CEO of Concur, Redmond, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Kyle Singler, NBA sports hero, Seattle, WA, NBA documentary
  • Ray Slaugh, Bellevue WA, Veterans History Project Interview
  • Wayne Small, Langley WA, Veterans History Project
  • Delford Smith, CEO of Evergreen Aviation, McMinnville, OR, Legends of Aviation
  • Holly Smith, Seattle WA   "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • H. Russell Smith, Avery Dennison, Pasadena CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Lawrence Smith, Beaverton, OR, video biography
  • Nolan Smith, NBA sports hero, Seattle, WA, NBA documentary
  • Smoke a Fat One BBQ, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Smoker and the Bandits BBQ, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Sonosite Corp, Bothell WA "Convention Case Study and Testimonials"
  • South Hills Satelite, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Southwest Securities Inc, Dallas, TX, Corporate History DVD
  • Otto Sperka, Manager Harbor Club Seattle, Seattle, WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Ronnie & Joseph Stabler, Beverly Hills, CA, video biography
  • Steeleheart Country Western Band, Canada, Documentary Music Video
  • Ethan Stowell, Seattle WA  "Chefs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Lady Selah SuJuris, Storytellers Campfire Radio Show, Bellevue, WA, Manson show
  • Patricia Summersmith, Kenmore WA, Video Biography
  • Jennie Sun, Medina, WA, Video Biography of her late husband
  • Brian Sweet, Seattle WA  "New Fighting Seabees Documentary"
  • Tacoma Land Company, Tacoma, WA, Marketing video
  • LenElla Tabor, Bozeman, Montana, Video biography
  • Angelynn Talcott, Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Talyst Inc, Bellevue WA, Case Study video
  • David Taylor, Sammamish, WA, happy graduation video for daughter
  • Kate Taylor, Mercer Island, WA, editing
  • Admiral Ted Taylor,  Seattle WA  "New Fighting Seabees Documentary" 
  • Patrick Tessier, Northwest Laboratories, Bellevue WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Paul Thayer, former under Secretary of Defense, Beverly Hills CA, "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Emory Thomas, Publisher Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle, WA, The Harbor Club video
  • Clay Thompson, NBA sports hero, Seattle, WA, NBA documentary
  • Bill Tilley, Shakeys Pizza Parlours, Beverly Hills CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Lynn Tilton, CEO of MD Helicopters and Patriarch Partners, Mesa, AZ, Legends of Aviation
  • Richard Todd, Snoqualmie, WA video biography
  • Toni Toohey, Cullaby Lake, WA, Video Biography 
  • General Guy Townsend, Mercer Island WA "Veterans History Project"
  • Heather Trescases, Eastside Heritage Center, Bellevue WA "fundraising video"
  • TRUEbenefits Insurance, Seattle, WA, client testimonial video
  • Alice Tsukuno, Seattle WA, Veterans History Project
  • Sean Tucker, Legends of Aviation
  • Tom Varga, CFO Selections, Bellevue WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Carlos Veliz, PCSI Design, Bothell WA "Eastside Business Awards Video"
  • David Victor, Seneca Real Estate Group, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Village Theater, Issaquah, WA, Fundraising Video
  • Stephanie Walter, Bellevue WA, Autobiography Video
  • Mark Walsh, The Schuster Group, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Emily Howell Warner, Denver, CO, Legends of Aviation interview
  • Chris Ward Band, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Jan Warren, Gleneden Beach, OR, Autobiography Video
  • Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center, Seattle WA, fundraiser video, event video 
  • Washington State Horse Park, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Alex Wasserman, Elite Fitness, Bellevue WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary"
  • Steve Watson, Turnstyle Design, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Lori Watts, Kennewick WA, Memorial Video for David Lockwood
  • Jan Weakes, Duvall, WA, Memorial Video for Gary Shore
  • Webb Powersports, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • Martell Webster, NBA sports hero, Seattle, WA, NBA documentary
  • Kermit Weeks, Living Legend of Aviation video
  • Adrienne & Chuck Weidenbach, Detroit MI, Autobiography Video
  • West Coast Real Estate, Portland OR, TV Commercial
  • Dorell White, NBA sports hero, Seattle, WA, NBA documentary
  • Theo White, Ashland, OR, MMA Advanced Training DVDs
  • Ben Wiener, Vancouver WA, "Generic Drug Revolution Documentary"
  • Mara Williams, Kirkland, WA   First Dance Training Video
  • Lori Williams, Seattle, WA, wedding video
  • Lissa Myers Wolfe, Pismo Beach, CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Roy Wolford, Northrop Grumman, Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA "Flying Man Documentary"
  • Ryan Wuerch, CEO of Motricity, Bellevue, WA, Eastside Business Awards
  • Wyndham Resorts, Bellevue WA Kickoff Dinner Event Video
  • Yakima Memorial Hospital, Yakima WA, Into the Blue Video
  • Patrick Yalung, Wells Fargo Bank, Seattle WA "Best Workplaces Video"
  • Gerald Yeckley, Schneider Trucking, Green Bay, WI, Excellent Cultures video
  • Jun Young, Microsoft, Redmond WA "Artitudes Design Testimonial Video"
  • Zane and the Zacks BBQ, Cle Elum, WA, Pork in the Pines
  • David Zook, Tutoring Club, Bellevue WA "Eastside Business Awards Video"
  • Jim Zorn, Mercer Island, WA, NFL Quarterback Coach Autobiography Video
  • Mark Zoske, SaltWorks, Bellevue WA "CEOs of Seattle Documentary" 
  • Jim Zuur, Cambria, CA, Video Biography & 70th Birthday party video

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