May 25, 2009
Carla Corkern - CEO of Talyst

Carla Corkern - CEO of Talyst






Carla Corkern - CEO of Talyst

I first was introduced to Talyst a couple of years ago when we were hired by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce for the Eastside Business Awards video. Talyst was a finalist and did win an award that year. Over the past couple of years we also were fortunate to do a couple of Case Study video productions for Casey Cram, the VP of Marketing for Talyst. This month the Bellevue Chamber asked us to do the new Eastside Business Awards video again for our third year. On the list of finalists again was Talyst. I drove over to Bellevue to capture some video footage and to interview the CEO of Talyst, Carla Corkern. I cannot tell you how much I was impressed with Carla. She is a bundle of enthusiastic energy about her company, her team, and her vision for the future. I always thought Talyst was onto something big with their work in automating pharmacies to eliminate mistakes in the delivery of prescriptions to people.
Carla recently was promoted from the COO of Talyst to their CEO. To learn more about Talyst, go to

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