March 23, 2009
Alex Wasserman & Dave Johnson -- CEOs of Seattle
 Alex Wasserman & Dave Johnson -- CEOs of Seattle

Alex Wasserman & Dave Johnson -- Elite Fitness
I was deeply inspired by my interview with Alex and Dave from Elite Fitness.  They came over to our Inventive Productions studios to be interviewed on the Green Screen for my new documentary film, "CEOs of Seattle."  Alex and Dave are so confident, so strong in their leadership focus, that they were a perfect interview for our film.  They talked about the importance of attitude, teamwork, and integrity in creating a successful business.  Alex and Dave discussed the importance of being passionate about your vocation and it won't become work.  They love what they do, they get trememdous satisfaction from seeing the happy results from their clients.  These guys are a terrific example of what is best in the CEOs of Seattle. 

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