March 23, 2009
Bert Gregory -- CEO of Seattle documentary
 Bert Gregory -- "CEOs of Seattle" documentary

              Bert Gregory of Mithun
It was a little rainy that morning in downtown Seattle.  I drove down onto the waterfront and parked under the Alaskan Viaduct.    I had an appointment with Bert Gregory of Mithun.  Their offices are located right on the Pier on the waterfront.   Immediately I noticed the great architecture inside the offices, with very tall open ceilings.  I was there to interview Bert for my documentary, "CEOs of Seattle."  Mithun is one of the leading architecture firms in the nation focusing on the concepts predominantly known today as "GREEN" or sustainability.    The interview was a bit unusual because all the architects and employees in the office worked in one giant open room.  There were no private offices or conference rooms to shoot the interview.  So we set up a spot right in the middle of the room and did the interview.  Bert did a super job in the interview.  I learned a lot about his leadership philosophies and management style.  You can learn more about Bert and Mithun at  

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