March 1, 2009
Pat & Jean Duffy - Home Movies

Pat & Jean Duffy -- Home Movies

It was great to see Pat Duffy again. I've had the pleasure of knowing Jean and Pat Duffy since 1988 when I started working over at Eagle Crest Resort in Central Oregon. Over the years they have become great friends and an inspiration to me. Pat told me he had some home movies that years ago he had transferred to VHS tapes, but now the sound was messed up and he wanted to get them all transferred to DVDs. My team and I enjoyed this project, and helping to preserve the Duffy Family home movies. We transferred the VHS video to digital tapes and then luckily Pat had the original audio tapes on cassettes. We transferred the cassette audio to digital files. Then we imported all the digital files into our Final Cut Pro system and synced everything all together. Then we created a nice DVD menu and started exporting and burning. Pat and Jean were on a trip and hoped we could get the videos to them in time for their trip. We did it!

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