March 1, 2009
Heather Trescases - Eastside Heritage Center

Heather Trescases - Eastside Heritage Center shoot


                 Heather Trescases


Eastside Heritage Center - interview shoot

Intern Bond Debol met me over at Ross McIvor's office so we could shoot several interviews for the fundraising video for the Eastside Heritage Center.  I first met Ross over three years ago at one of our Inventive Productions open house parties.  Ross had told me all about his passion, the Eastside Heritage Center.  This is very interesting to me because the EHC is really a museum without a museum.  The EHC was formed upon the merger of the Bellevue Historical Society and the Marymoor Museum of Eastside History.  Due to budget cuts the Marymoor Museum was forced to leave its home at the Clise Mansion at Marymoor.  The big problem with this is that they have a collection of over 30,000 artifacts that had to find a home.  Today these artifacts are stuck in some storage facility until they can find a new museum location.  This breaks my heart to think of great artifacts locked up somewhere  where kids  and patrons cannot see them, where they could be getting hurt by the lack of proper storage.  We decided to create a fundraising video for their upcoming dinner this March.  I have been extremely impressed with the passion and dedication of the EHC team.  This includeds Ross who is the President of the Board of Trustees, and Heather Trescases, the Director of the EHC.  To learn more about the Eastside Heritage Center, go to

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