March 1, 2009
Stan Selden - CEOs of Seattle documentary

Stan Selden - "CEOs of Seattle" documentary interview


                               Stan Selden


I first met Stan Selden over the telephone last fall.   I had read an article that said his family business Selden Furniture in Fife had been in business over 50 years, so I wrote Stan a letter to see if he would be interested in getting a video history made about his company.  Stan responded to my letter, saying that in fact he was working on a book about the history of his family business.
Last week we called Stan to see if he would let us interview him for the documentary "CEOs of Seattle" and he said "Sure!"

Stan is a great guy with tremendous vitality for life.  We talked about the secrets to his success, his mentors over the years, and his advice for young people.  Thanks, Stan, for taking the time to visit our Inventive Productions studios and to let me interview you for our documentary.

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