March 1, 2009
RJ's Birthday Party - Super Bowl Party

RJ's Birthday Party - Super Bowl Party


RJ's Birthday Party at Paul Ortega's Super Bowl Party

Feb 1, 2009--RJ's Birthday Party at Paula Ortega's Super Bowl party

It was looking like it would be the worst birthday of all time.

No phone calls.

No cards.

No presents.

No cake.

No hugs.

Then I got a call from Paula.  She said "Where are you, RJ?"

Now I knew there were lots of reasons for the situation.  Kids out of town.  Kids working.  Once you hit fifty things are different.  

"Birthdays are for kids"  I told myself.

Well I decided to go to the Super Bowl party over at Paula's house.

It turned out to be a really fun, cool day.   Paula and Gracie and Kim and everyone over there were very generous, kind, and hospitable to me.  

I really had a good time.  Then Pittsburgh won the game.

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