November 11, 2007
RJ's Newsletter - January 24, 2007
RJ’s Newsletter— January 24, 2007
Welcome to RJ’s Inventive Productions Newsletter, which is written to inspire myself and everyone to live a “grand, heroic, life.”  (from a poem by Walt Whitman)
(Note: a copy of this newsletter can also be read at
This newsletter is dedicated to my youngest sister, Patty, who is stationed in Iraq with the US Navy.   I was very excited to receive a Christmas present from Patty.  It was a Christmas ornament with a computer chip in it, in which she was able to send a voice message to me.  It is amazing how technology has helped to keep families together, even in time of war.
The year is starting out at a brisk pace for our new company.  We are blessed to be helping people tell their life stories through video.  I really enjoy hearing the wisdom and the stories from the mouths of people who actually lived history.  As you can see by interesting stories in this newsletter, we are working on a wide variety of projects.
Great Quotations:  
"Things could be worse. Suppose your errors were counted and published every day, like those of a baseball player."  ~Author Unknown
"When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen."  --Ernest Hemingway
"Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor." --H. Jackson Brown, Jr. author of Life's Little Instruction Book
"I have known happiness, for I have done good work." --Robert Louis Stevenson
"All pasts are like poems -- you can derive a thousand things, but you can't live in them." --John Fowles
"There's only one story in the world--your story." --Ray Bradbury
"We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes, but have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers." --Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
"As you get older the days seem to go by slower, but the years go by faster." -- Anonymous
Inventive Productions update:
  nterviewed by a reporter from Wealth Magazine.  The focus of the article is about the importance of leaving your wisdom through a video biography. 
44. Coffee Table Books & Movie Posters--We can now create a beautiful hard-bound coffee-table Picture Books & Movie Posters. 
Packages and Prices—our packages and prices are now available in the BREAKING NEWS area of our website at
  (As of January 1, 2007)
Financing Available—we are pleased to be able to offer financing if needed.  Call or email RJ for exact details.
46. Ship of Miracles.   It was Christmas 1950 when a small merchant ship saved over 14,000 civilian refugees on one voyage.  It has been described a nothing short of a miracle.  Five babies were born on the three day voyage and no one died.  The ship captain, Leonard LaRue was so moved by this experience that after the war he became a monk in New Jersey.  I was so moved by this story that in 2001 I started a journey to create a personal documentary about this exciting story.  I have nearly finished making modifications and creating the final version of the film.  I was recently contacted by Captain LaRue's nephew.  He has found a box full of letters, awards, and more.  I cannot wait to see these new materials.  To learn more about the SHIP OF MIRACLES, goto   If you would like to get a free copy of this film, please email me.
47. Writing. I am pleased that my new book “BONUS TIME AND OTHER SHORT STORIES” has just been been published.  Email me if you are interested in reserving a signed copy.  My first two novels are available on AMAZON.COM.    Just go to and do a search for RJ McHatton.  You will be able to see my first novel, “THE DIRTY DEED,” and my second novel “MY KIDS.”  My fourth book, “THE BRILLIANTS AND OTHER SHORT STORIES” will be available this year.  You can learn more about my writing at   Thanks goes to Laura Standring for helping me type up my books and to Kellie Ridenour for editing them. 
48.  Umatilla Film.  My grandfather worked during the summer of 1941 to help build the igloos at the Umatilla Weapons Depot in Eastern Oregon. My award-winning documentary, UMATILLA, is now available on DVD on  Just go to and do a search for UMATILLA.  You will see my DVD there.  You can learn more about this project at
49. Short films:  My short films "Duct Tape" and "Arrest Mommy" are now available on DVD.  For more information email
50.  Coming Soon:  My first feature film "The Red Suit" is coming out soon on DVD.  For more information about "The Red Suit" email
51. Family. My wife and kids and I really have learned to appreciate the little things in life.  Especially after living for five days and nights without power after the December 14th giant windstorm.  This year we have seen floods, snow storms and wind storms and power outages.  I think all this has brought us closer together as a family.  You can see some pictures of our puppies at   My grandmother passed away a long time ago.  After she died, they found three giant metal trunks full of photographs.  The only problem is that there are no names on the back of the photos, so I really have no idea who's who.  My mother is the oldest of her generation, so she has asked me to get the photos scanned into computer files and then she will be able to sit down and try to determine who is in the photos.  My son Jason has volunteered to start scanning the photos.
52  My youngest sister, Patty McHatton is serving in the Construction Battalion (Seabees) with the US Navy near Baghdad in Iraq.  She is very excited about the opportunity to serve her country, to help others, and she makes me proud.  She asked me to remind everyone that there are a lot of service people over there who never receive any letters from people back in America.  If you have a moment, why not write to someone over there and let them know you care? No matter what your politics or feelings about the war, why not at least show your thanks to those who are serving in harms way for our country?  If you would like to write a card or letter to a service person over there, go to:
53. Home for Sale. We are selling our home in Astoria, Oregon.  It is a restored 1900’s Victorian with awesome views.  You can see pictures of the home at  
54. Joke of the week:
Q.  What happens when frogs park illegally?
A.  They get toad.
                   (Joke submitted by my son Jason)
55. The Inventive Productions Team:
            Executive Producers:  Bill Peare & Jeff Sites
  Producer-Director:  RJ McHatton
            Sales Producers:  Akina Moscinski, Anita Johnson, RJ McHatton, Matt K., Virgil Bowman, Bill Maxwell, Patty Paul, Jen Herrington
            Managing Editor:  Tyler Griffin
           Production Coordinator:  Kellie Ridenour
           Associate Editors:  Kenny Stein, Shayla Jones, Olivia Howe, Nate, Shawna Cook, Nikki Smith, and Gary Gerve.
           Graphics Designers:  Bekah Laughman, Nate Johnson Media
           Research:  Crissy McHatton
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Thanks for reading my email newsletter. 
If you have any questions or suggestions, please email
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Have a great day.
RJ McHatton
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cell 503-470-0728
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1.   Basic Autobiography Interview     $499 
      Studio or On Location Interview with Specialized Questions                             
      One Camera -- No editing, Opening & Ending Music and Title Screen
      1 copy of video on DVD
2. Bronze Autobiography DVD           $2999
     Studio or On Location Interview with Specialized Questions                             
      One Camera, Custom editing of footage
      Includes up to 50 photographs & Music added
      Custom opening and title sequence, 5 copies of video on DVD
3. Silver Autobiography DVD             $4999
     Studio or On Location Interview with Specialized Questions                 
      Two Cameras, One is Green Screen
      Custom editing of footage, Includes up to 100 photographs & Music added,
      home movies, Custom opening DVD Chapter Menu
      10 copies of video on DVD
4. Gold Autobiography                       $5999
      Studio or On Location Interview with Specialized Questions                             
      Three Cameras, One is Green Screen
      Custom editing of footage
      Includes up to 150 photographs & Music added,
      Digitizing and insert home movies & slides,
      Custom opening DVD Chapter Menu , Custom Ending Credit Roll
      Musical Slide Show, High Definition, Coffee Table Book,
      Movie Poster.   15 copies of video on DVD
D5.  Diamond Friends & Family Autobiography  $9999
 Studio or On Location Interview with Specialized Questions     
 Also Interview up to 15 friends & family
 (within one week of primary subject interview)                                                 
 Three Cameras, One is Green Screen
 Custom editing of footage
 Includes up to 200 photographs & Music added,
 Digitizing and insert home movies & slides,
 Custom opening DVD Chapter Menu, Custom Ending Credit Roll
 Musical Slide Show, High Definition, Coffee Table Book,
 Movie Poster,  Autobiography Website
 20 copies of video on DVD
Corporate video projects, including TV commercials, marketing videos, training videos, etc
are priced on a bid basis.
(note: prices subject to change) 
1.  Our Movie Poster Party—our Movie Poster Party turned out fantastic.   It was a fun crowd of friends and family who came to see these awesome new pieces of art.  We premiered 18 new movie posters from several of our past and present projectsIf you are ever in the neighborhood, please stop by to see our walls.  It is a like an art gallery.  
2.  Our next Party:  is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6th.  We will have Live music by entertainer India Turner, plus lots of wine, finger foods, and prizes for the best costumes.  Feel free to dress up like anyone from your favorite movies. You could be Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin or John Wayne or the Creature from the Black Lagoon or whomever you want.   Let’s all have a great party and remember to have fun. The party will run from 4 pm to 7pm at our offices in Bellevue. Please RSVP so we know how much food and wine to get. You can RSVP by calling Kellie Ridenour at 425-747-4538 or by email at
3.    Mission Statement:  To ethically help people and organizations tell their unique life story in their own words with High Definition Video.
5.  We are pleased to be hosting the University of Washington Certificate Program in Genealogy and Family History group for a lunch visit in March.
6.  Tonight PBS is broadcasting a special "Oprah’s Roots: An African American Lives Special."  The distinguished Henry Louis Gages Jr. is the researcher/genealogist. Particularly interesting to personal historians: genetic analysis traces her ancestors to Africa. Bob & Jackie P. Bellevue, WA—we are waiting for their photos, then we will be able to complete the video biography of this fantastic couple 
8.  Welcome new teammates:  We are happy to welcome two new sales representatives to our team:  Jen Herrington & Patty Paul.  We also are happy to welcome our new intern, Brian.
9.  Irene V. Marbach--we created a memorial video for this wonderful woman.
10.  Photo of the Day--this year one of my resolutions is to try to capture a photo every day and put it into my journal.  I read an article about Jeff Bezos from he has been doing a photo of the day for many years.
11.  Violet F.--we captured Violet's 85th Birthday party.  It was a grand celebration of Violet's life.  We are creating a custom video biography of Violet's life.  It is being sponsored by her grandchildren.  Violet is a remarkable woman.  She is a true inspiration.
12.  Dr. Daniel Baldwin, Baldwin Chiropractic--we are creating a marketing video and a website video about Dan's team and practice in Puyallup
13.  Covenant House, Mercer Island--we had a booth at the Health Fair at Covenant House.  It was great to meet so many nice people. 
14.  Shoreline Rotary--it was a snowy morning, but the show still went on.  We did a short presentation about the current trends all across America towards personal history
15.  Biography of a Town History--we are doing a presentation in March to the City Council of a well-known town on the Oregon Coast.  This is a really cool town on the Oregon Coast.  It has tremendous history that needs to be preserved for the future.
16.  My son Jason's first dance.  Last week my son Jason took his cute girlfriend to his first dance at Mt. Si High School.  He really looked dashing and his girlfriend Nicoletta was terrific, too.  It is hard to believe the kids are growing so fast.
17.  On February 26th, we are hosting a special seminar event for RW Kim & Company.  Randy Kim is a nationally recognized Estate Planner who believes in video biographies so much that he is recommending them for his clients (
19. Jan Warren, Gleneden, OR—we are very excited to start working on the video biography for this nationally recognized white water rafting adventurer who led an expedition down the Yangtze River in China. Her story was documented on ABC Sports, ESPN, and Mutual of Omaha, with still photos by National Geographic. Now she wants to tell the story in her own words.
20.  Pacific Institute (Lou & Diane Tice), Seattle, WA—we are creating a video biography of the History and Culture of this 30-year old institution from Seattle. We are interviewing numerous clients and employees from over the years.   (
21.  Bill & Dorothy Shaw, Ocean Park, WA—we are finalizing the video biography of this couple who have been married over sixty years. Bill is a WW2 veteran who personally saw the devastation at Nagasaki after the bomb was dropped there.
22.  Dean Echelbarger, Edmonds, WA—we just finished this video biography of this veteran from the Army who witnessed the rescue of the holocaust victims from Dachau concentration camp. He led his family business from the trucking industry, to oil delivery, and finally to becoming the leading developer in Snohomish County. His family has worked hard to make a difference. From involvement with the Chamber, the construction of the Alderwood Mall, to establishment of the foundation that started the Edmonds Community College, Dean has really lived a well-lived life.   (
23.  Emerald City Smoothie, Mercer Island, WA—this franchisor has over twenty smoothie shops. We have been hired to create a series of educational videos that can be shown on their in-lobby big screens.   (
24.  LeTip International, Redmond, WA—we are doing a second draft on a DVD for one of the largest networking organizations in the world. We were hired to capture their Regional Power Breakfast and to create a winning highlight and educational DVD.  (
25.  Mara Williams (Have a Ball Events), Kirkland, WA—our Top Managing Editor, Tyler Griffin, has been working day and night to finish this incredible First Dance training DVD.  (  
26. Greg Shaw, Magnolia, WA—we are just about finished creating a winning TV commercial for this top producing Windermere agent in Magnolia
27. Al Farmer, Sherwood, OR—we are going to shoot one more interview for the video biography of this Merchant Marine from WW2. He later became a successful, honest business man in the insurance industry in Portland.
28. Fran & Dave Divelbiss, Roslyn, WA—we are awaiting photos for the video biography of this decorated Navy hero from Vietnam and NATO in Europe, former mayor of Roslyn
29. Richard & Joyce Nicolazzi, Wisconsin—we are editing a video biography of these school teachers, football coach, and Vice Principal 
30. Evelyn & Robert Birkby, Iowa—we are editing together a video biography of this nationally recognized author and radio personality and her husband
31. Adeline Kim, Bellevue, WA—video biography of this 91 year old nurse who was at Pearl Harbor the day it was attacked
32.  Dr. Mathias Berry, Redmond, WA—we are creating a training video and marketing video, and a consulting video, and an infomercial  for this cutting edge leader in the chiropractic industry 
33.  Roy & Patricia Bates, Glendale, AZ—we shot a terrific interview for the video biography of this decorated fighter pilot and his awesome family who following him from Vietnam to NATO in Europe to the b-52s of the Strategic Air Command
34. William & Mary Joy Keane, Chapel Hill, North Carolina—we shot an incredible interview for the video biography of this former professor from Notre Dame who eventually became a partner in Price Waterhouse
35. Jim Z, Mercer Island, WA—we are finalizing the video biography of this quarterback, who talks and lives his religious beliefs,  loves his family, and his remarkable career.
36.  Bill Endicott, Mill Creek, WA—we are editing the video biography of this veteran from WW2 who eventually worked in radio, television, had his own children’s TV show, worked as  television producer following the space race at NASA during the 60s, eventually working in Public Relations, and then an author of books and editor of veterans publications.
37.  Gordon Graham, Redmond, WA—we are editing the video biography of this nationally recognized motivational speaker who once spent over twenty years in maximum security prison, was shot, stabbed, led riots, etc., until he turned his life around and became an inspiration  to kids, convicts, and everyone about the possibility of change. An author of books, Gordy is now consultant for numerous organizations including the United Auto Workers.
38.  Veterans History Project—we have captured several video interviews of American veterans for the Library of Congress for this important program, including vets from Pearl Harbor, Battle of the Bulge, Guadalcanal, Persian Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea, D-day, Philippines, etc,
39.  Yakima Memorial Hospital, Yakima, WA—we are creating a  short documentary about their exciting program IN THE BLUE, which is transforming their entire organization.
40.  A biography of a poodle. We have been asked to create a Video Biography of a very special poodle.  This poodle is rated in the top five in all of America.  Our mission is to create a marketing video that will highlight the achievements of this incredible animal.  This is no ordinary dog, it is an athlete.
41. PREVIEW COLLECTION DVD.  We have created a new free DVD compilation of short excerpts from several of our projects.  If you would like a free DVD sampler of our work, just email and I will send it out to you.
42.  Inventive Productions on YOU TUBE.  Some of our samples are now viewable on  Just go to and do a search for Inventive Productions
43We are very grateful for the personal referrals we are receiving from our clients, friends, and family.    Most of our new clients come from our current clients.  Word of mouth is still the very best advertising of all.
  1. Association of Personal Historians (
  2. Chamber of Commerce – Bellevue (
  3. Letip International (
  4. International Documentary Association (IDA) (
  5. Independent Feature Project (IFP) (
  6. Official partner for the Library of Congress for the Veterans History Project (  
  7. Better Business Bureau (

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