November 18, 2008
The Special Questions

What are the Questions ?


One of the most common questions I am always asked by people is:


"RJ, what specialized questions do you normally ask a person when you interview them for their custom video biography?"


Well, the list of questions I use today are pretty much the same questions I used back in 1992 when I started doing video biographies. 


Back in the early days I compiled a list of 99 of the best questions to ask a person about their life. 


Over the years I have added some questions and deleted others.  Today I normally ask 124 specialized questions in my Video Biography interviews.


Some people ask me if these questions are top secret, or somehow copyrighted or a business secret.  I guess I could go out and put in an application to protect these if I wanted, but my personal goal is to help inspire people to tell their stories, not restrict people.


I really do not think my specialized list questions are the Only secret to a successful video biography.  I think they do help spark ideas and memories that get the ball started to a great video biography interview.


I think that these questions are excellent, remarkable, and thought-provoking.  It really is not about statistics, but more about the memories and the stories, the laughter and tears of a wonderful life.


I do think the questions could help anyone to sit down with a loved one to talk about the good times, and they could help them to capture the great stories of that person's life. 


If anything,  I hope these questions might inspire you to actually go do it.  Go interview your dad or your mom.  Get them started talking and telling the great stories and moments of their life.  Do it today.  Get a video camera or a tape recorder and do it today.


To help inspire you to do this, I would be happy to email you a copy of my specialized 124 questions if you want.


If you would like a copy of the 124 questions, just call RJ today at (425) 284-1900 and ask me to send you the questions for free.   I am happy to help you.



Warm regards,



RJ McHatton

Inventive Productions LLC

"the Autobiography Company"

Studio (425) 284-1900

Herman - 2010-01-09 10:16:13
Please send me a copy of 127 questions you have compiled.
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