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RJ's Newsletter - August 6, 2006
RJ’s Newsletter—August 6, 2006
Welcome to RJ’s Inventive Productions Newsletter, which is written to inspire myself and others to live a “grand, heroic, life.”  (from a poem by Walt Whitman)
Great Quotations:
“Two little words that can make the difference: START NOW.” ---Mary C. Crowley
"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure." -- Paulo Coelho
“To be able to look back upon one's past life with satisfaction is to live twice.” -- -Marcus Valerius Martial
"Men show their character in nothing more clearly than what they think laughable." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
‘I don't want to be a passenger in my own life.” -- Diane Ackerman
“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave 'em all over everything you do.” -- -Elvis Presley
"Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me." -- Carol Burnett

"A visionary is one who can find his way by moonlight, and see the dawn before the rest of the world." -- Oscar Wilde
Inventive Productions update:
1.     We are very grateful for the personal referrals we are receiving from our clients, friends, and family.  Thank you so much.
2.     Our entire team is happy to see the return of Marc Castillo from his exotic vacation in Jamaica.  He is a strong part of our production team. 
3.     New Television Commercial.  Watch for our new Inventive Productions TV commercial that will be airing across the Seattle area starting this week.
4.     Free DVD—we have created a short DVD that explains “How to Create a Video Biography”—call or email for a free copy of this DVD.
5.     A “Breaking News” tab is being added to our website.  Watch for this new feature on our website any day ( )
6.     Open House Party—You are invited to our Open House Party scheduled for Thursday, August 17th, 5 to 7pm, with free wine and finger foods, live music by India Turner, lots of exciting door prizes, green screen studio demonstrations, and free sample DVDs of our work.  Feel free to bring friends and family to our fun evening.  No selling is allowed at our parties.  Just laughter and friendship.
7.     SPECIAL QUESTIONS—one of the reasons why people like our Video Biography system at Inventive Productions is our unique custom questionnaire program.  We use a teleprompter or cue card system during our interviews to help you feel comfortable on-camera.  Our questions are specially designed to help you tell your life story in an easy, professional way.  You really look good in our Video Biographies.
8.     Bob & Jackie P—We are producing a Husband-Wife combination Video Biography for a unique couple.  Bob & Jackie have been together since they were kids.  It only makes sense to do their biography together.    
9.     Jan W—We started scanning nearly 20,000 slides as part of the first stage of the production of a heroic Video Autobiography of Jan—coming soon. 
10.                       Colleen M—the editing is nearly complete on the Autobiography DVD on the life of Colleen.
11.                       Shirley M—Last week our team shot a terrific interview with Shirley in our Bellevue studio.  She brought in a large bag full of awesome photos that we will add to her DVD. 
12.                       Jim Z (BEYOND THE LIGHTS)—We are in the final stages of post production on Jim’s biography. 
13.                       Woody O (MR BASEBALL)—Final touches are being made to Woody’s life story DVD.  Our last interview will be with Woody’s brother who will be in town for a family reunion the week of the 19th.  Once we have all the interviews, the next step is to complete the editing, then have a viewing of our first-draft with Woody.  Marc and our entire team is looking forward to Woody’s DVD.  After this review, we will make any changes that Woody wants.  He has total final cut approval on his story.   After all, this is his life.
14.                       Bill S—on the 4th of July, families all across America got together to celebrate freedom.   Bill & Dorothy Shaw had a similar barbeque with their children and grandchildren.  Bill started telling stories to his family about his time in the Navy in WWII, including his personal experience in seeing the devastation of Nagasaki after the dropping of the Atomic Bomb.  Bill described how it was one of the worst things he ever saw in his life.  Then Bill talked about his 37 year career with Southern Pacific Railroad.  Dorothy talked about how she wrote letters to her honey Bill every day during the war.  Bill told the family how much these letters meant to him.  Bill & Dorothy have been married now for 57 years.  The grandkids remarked about how important these first hand stories from Bill & Dorothy were to their family.  One family member suggested it would be great to get these stories on video.  The grandkids got together and decided to split the costs of hiring Inventive Productions to create a professional video Autobiography of Bill & Dorothy’s life.  The grandkids agreed that this would be truly a priceless gift to their grandparents, to themselves, and to the great grand children not born yet.  Our production team drove to Ocean Park and spent an afternoon with Bill & Dorothy.  First we asked Bill our custom questions about his life, then we asked Dorothy the custom questions about her life, and then we interviewed them both together.  We borrowed some of their photos and home movies and now our production team is editing together Bob & Dorothy’s life story on DVD.  Bill & Dorothy told me personally how much they really enjoyed the experience of telling their life stories on camera.  They told me they were very apprehensive to start with, but that once they saw how easy the process was, and how my team really cared, they felt comfortable to tell their life story.  They were grateful that their grandkids and family cared so much.  Last week Dorothy mailed over another box full of photos she wants included in the video.  Our editing team is working on the first draft DVD right now.  We should have a first draft DVD to show them soon.
15.                       Gordy G—The first draft of a short Promotional Biography DVD will be presented to Gordy and his team this week.  Gordy is a nationally known motivational speaker and author who helps individuals and organizations cope with and make Changes.  He is known as the “Change Agent.” ( )  Our promo DVD will be used to help promote his speaking engagements.
16.                       Bob & Gloria S—We are transferring old home movies and interview footage into our computers for Bob’s video autobiography.  Bob has been an educator most of his life, and he has dedicated his life to so many worthy causes over the years, including the HiLiners. 
17.                       Steele Heart Documentary—Our team is producing a fun documentary about a remarkable group of musicians, the Steele Heart Band. ( ).  These musicians are actually RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) law enforcement officers who play Country Western Music in their RCMP uniforms at charity concerts all across America, Canada, and other countries.  Steeleheart is celebrating their 20th Anniversary as a musical group.  Our documentary is about how they got started, why they do these charity concerts, and about the people they help.  After seeing our interview footage, all I can say is:  these guys truly are humanitarians.  They have a great sense of humor and are world-class entertainers.   Steeleheart can get a crowd to dance, too.  It is awesome to see how they use their talent, music, sense of humor, and caring sense of community to help raise money for charities.   Our goal is to create a moving documentary that will help Steeleheart tell their story in their own words.  Our DVD for Steeleheart will include a 20 minute-documentary, a music video, a musical slide show, and a blooper reel.
18.                       Bill E—How many lives does one man live?  Here is story of a Seattle-area man who has led several lives in one lifetime.  Here is the story of a veteran from WWII, a broadcaster who started on a small-watt radio station in Bend, OR, a children’s TV-show personality from the 60s in Seattle (CAPTAIN COSMO), a dedicated TV producer who captured exciting moments of the early years of NASA at Cape Canaveral, an author, a businessman, a pilot, and a grandfather, father, and husband.  I feel very fortunate to be able to help Bill tell his life story in his own words.   He has terrific stories to describe, and tons of great photos, home movies, other materials that will help make this DVD a real treasure and heirloom for his family. 
19.                       The Pacific Institute—Our team has been asked to help The Pacific Institute create a very special DVD.   The Pacific Institute and Lou Tice have been changing people’s lives all across the globe since 1971.  Our mission is to create a mini-series of documentaries that will chronicle the history and culture of this incredible organization.  To learn more about the Pacific Institute, go to  
20.                       Stroke Victim DVD--In this short documentary, Gordy Graham explains his remarkable recovery from having a stroke.  He explains his successful use of visualization techniques to speed up his recovery.  Our team is nearly finished editing this DVD.
21.                       Charity Golf Tournament DVD—As part of the Bill Peare Golf Tournament at Suncadia on July 21st, our Inventive Productions team helped document the event and create a nice DVD.  Proceeds of the DVD will go to the local Life Support charity.  We will be sending out copies of the DVD to the attendees.
22.                       Your Own Autobiographical Website—we can now create your Autobiography on the Internet with your own Custom Autobiographical Website.  Using the information you give us in our interviews, we can create a professional website with pictures, video, and more.  For more information about this exciting new service, call or email RJ today.
23.                       Coffee Table Books--We can now create a beautiful hard-bound coffee-table Picture Book using your photos. 
24.                       Movie Posters--We can create a custom Movie Poster for you, too.
25.                       50 FIRST DATES--Experts have testified that Biographical Videos can greatly enhance and help in the care of people with memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and amnesia.  Have you seen the movie 50 FIRST DATES?  By watching a video DVD of their life, a person with memory loss can help remember who they are and feel better about life.  Dr. Richard A. Wyckoff  told me that Biographical videos really do help people with memory loss remember their identities.   Check out his website  
26.                       ARE YOU TOO YOUNG?  Many people think they are too young to have a Video Biography created on their life.  We have one client who had his Video Biography created when he was 23 years old.  Now he is 28 years old.  His goal is to update his biography every five years of his life.  He feels that his Video Biography helps keep him focused on his life goals and to remind himself of his values.   Why not start capturing your life on Video today? 
27.                       NEW PACKAGES AND PRICES—our goal at Inventive Productions is to help people and organizations tell their stories in their own words.   We are the Autobiography Company.  To make this affordable and to offer a wide variety of choices, we have created a new menu of packages, prices, and services.  For specific details about each of our packages, please call or email RJ today.  I can email you or mail you our detailed price sheet.
Here is a brief list of some of our exciting new prices and packages:
·        Video-Photo-Musical Montage DVDs starting at $199
·        Love Letter DVDs starting at $499
·        Basic Video Biography DVDs starting at $499
·        Video Business Card DVDs starting at $999
·        Bronze Video Biography DVDs starting at $2999
·        Silver Video Biography DVDs starting at $4999
·        Gold Video Biography DVDs starting at $5999
·        Diamond Video Biography DVDs starting at $9999
·        Corporate History & Culture DVDs:  on a bid basis
·        Coffee Table Photo Books:  call for price
·        Custom Movie Posters:  call for price
·        Custom Autobiography Websites:  call for price
For specific details about our packages, please call or email RJ today.  I can email you or mail you a detailed package & price sheet.
28.                       FINANCING AVAILABLE—we are pleased to be able to offer financing if needed.  Call or email RJ for exact details.
29.         Our Team—the Inventive Productions team is growing.  Here is a list of our teammates:
Independent Sales:  Akina, Deniz, Veva, Larry, Bill, Julie G, and Peter
                   Production Team:  Marc, Tyler, Kenny, Shayla, Nate, Alisa, and Janus
                   Office Administration:  Kellie
                   Managing Producer:  RJ
30.              Bud Hawk—Our full length Video Biography of Bud Hawk (HOMETOWN HERO) is currently available for Free.  This incredible story of a true American hero is an inspiration to everyone.  Bud Hawk is a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery in France during WWII.  We are pleased to be able to offer this DVD Autobiography.  If you would like to receive a free copy of this documentary, please email or call RJ.   The Congressional Medal of Honor Society mailed out copies of our DVD to all the 109 living MOH recipients.  Mr. Bud Hawk is a true American hero who lives in Bremerton.   He was decorated by President Harry Truman for being a “human aiming target” that helped knock out two German tanks, and for helping to capture over five hundred enemy soldiers in one day.   Our goal is to show this film to as many American vets and students as possible.  A short sample of the “John Hawk—Medal of Honor Autobiography” can be seen at   Note:  Coming Soon—  
Ship of Miracles update:
Over the past few weeks, I have received feedback about the rough cut of my documentary SHIP OF MIRACLES from people all across the world.  Based on this feedback I plan to make modifications and create the final version of the film.  The International Documentary Association has set up a website that allows individuals to make online tax-deductible donations to my SHIP OF MIRACLES project through their Fiscal Sponsorship program.  To make an online tax deductible donation to the Ship of Miracles film project, go to
To learn more about the SHIP OF MIRACLES, go to
Writing update
I am pleased that my first two novels are now available on AMAZON.COM.    Just go to and do a search for RJ McHatton.  You will be able to see my first novel, THE DIRTY DEED, and my second novel MY KIDS.  My third book, “BONUS TIME AND OTHER SHORT STORIES” will be available later this Fall.   My fourth book, “THE BRILLIANTS AND OTHER SHORT STORIES” will be available early next year. 
Umatilla Film update:
My award-winning documentary, UMATILLA, is now be available on DVD at  You can learn more about this film project at
Family update:
We moved into our new home.  It is located at the end of the road, with nearly four acres and a great view.   My wife Victoria is a dachshund puppy breeder.  You can see pictures of our puppies at   My children, Jason and Crissy, are enjoying the sunshine this Summer, and cannot wait until school starts (just kidding).
Home for Sale:
Now that the family has moved all together, we are selling our home in Astoria, Oregon.  It is a restored 1900’s Victorian with awesome views.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in this home, please let me know.  You can see pictures of the home at   We are selling the home ourselves but will coop with other brokers.  (note: both Victoria and I are Real Estate licensees in both Oregon and Washington).
Joke of the week:
Q. How does a pig go to hospital?
A. In a hambulance.

(Joke submitted by my son Jason)
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