February 3, 2010
Living Legends of Aviation 2010
 Living Legends of Aviation
We are proud to be the official Producer of the "Living Legends of Aviation" video project for the second year in a row.  This is a very cool project because within a short thirty days we are charged to create seven to ten video biographies of some true American heroes.  This year we travelled all over to capture the interviews.  It was a true honor to make these videos.
Since we are going to be offering the Living Legends videos as a DVD set or possible new television series, we are not going to be showing the videos on Youtube or other internet video sites for now.
Since you are a special friend or family of Inventive Productions, we have put together special private links to these videos.

Kurt Russell
Buzz Aldrin
Elon Musk
Joe Clark
Flown West
Kermit Weeks
Top Gun 25th Anniversary

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