October 5, 2009
Maria and Griff Get Married - The documentary
 Maria and Griff Get Married – The documentary
By moviedream
Maria and Griff enter the Wedding Reception

Maria and Griff enter the beautiful Wedding Reception where a lots wonderful surprises awaited them

williams family

Maria's Parents Doug & Lori Williams and Grandparents Bud & Dolores Anthony

Its been a journey of joy working on the documentary “Maria and Griff Get Married.”  Part one of the documentary was shown at the great Wedding Reception last night at Herban Feast in the Sodo section of Seattle.  Stacy Kvam and her team did a fantastic job in organizing the wedding.  Over the past few weeks I have interviewed several members of both Maria’s and Griff’s family.  Since Griff is from Texas, I interviewed his mom and brother over the phone, and then several of his friends and family at last night’s reception.  The video has been a secret to the Bride and groom so I hadn’t met them until last night.  Everything went perfect. It was great to also meet some of Maria’s cousins who flew in from Germany and a lot of Griff’s friends in from Austin, Texas.  You can learn more about Stacy Kvam and Herban Feast You can learn about Maria and Griff at

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