September 24, 2009
Rob Harris - Pacific Market International (PMI)

Interview with Rob Harris – Founder & CEO of Pacific Market International (PMI)

Rob Harris with Director RJ McHatton

Rob Harris with Director RJ McHatton

It was a fantastic morning in downtown Seattle as we headed over to the Pacific Market International headquarters.  We were there to interview CEO and Founder Rob Harris for the Puget Sound Business Journal’s “Best Workplaces” video project.  We were greeted by a very enthusiastic team including HR Manager Doreen Huether and Marketing Communications Coordinator Jenn Ottele.  Rob Harris is a very nice guy.  During our interview he talked about the history of his company and how he started it 26 years ago in his home.  Now it is an international company with offices in several countries including China and England.  We talked about the culture of his organization and how important it was to create a great place to work.  Rob talked about the core values of his team and the fantastic character they have shown over the years.  He said his proudest moments were when he saw his people grow as people.  He talked about his joy in seeing people move up in his organization and he thinks the secret to success is listening to your people.  I really enjoyed meeting Rob Harris and his team at PMI.  They are very positive, nice people.

Susie Steele - 2009-12-23 00:04:33
This video captured Rob's enthusiasm, creativity, sense of humor and strength of character. I can attest to the fact he is the genuine article and lives his life the way he runs his company. My husband and I have known Rob since our college days and he emanates a warmth and energy few can generate, but all can appreciate.
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