September 22, 2009
Voice Over for Camp Korey
Voice over for Camp Korey Video

Filmmaker Julia Welbourne, Director RJ McHatton, with Camp Korey Coordinator Eva Dankanics

Filmmaker Julia Welbourne, RJ McHatton, with Camp Korey Marketing & Communications Coordinator Eva Dankanics

We are very proud and happy to help the Camp Korey team in any way we can.  I first heard of Camp Korey about three years ago when I read an article about the actor Paul Newman being in the area.  He was here to check out the property at the old Carnation Farm located near my Ames Lake area home in the Snoqualmie Valley.  Camp Korey is associated with the “Hole in the Wall Camps” which offers supervised camps for very sick kids and their families.  Recently I was contacted by the voice over artist Patti Payne to see if they could use our studio to record some voice overs for the Camp Korey team.  We were happy to help in any way we can.   I lost my Dad to cancer back in the early 1990s and I will never forget how devastating the experience was for my family.  I think the Camp Korey project is a wonderful cause and I recommend you check out their great website and videos at

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