September 6, 2009
Chuck Riley interview - Lane Powell Attorneys
Chuck Riley interview – Lane Powell

Chuck Riley with Director RJ McHatton

Chuck Riley with Director RJ McHatton

I went down to the Lane Powell offices in Seattle to interview VP Chusk Riley for the video we are making for the Puget Sound Business Journal’s annual “Best Workplaces” award.  Chuck Riley did a super interview.  He talked about the incredible culture at Lane Powell and how they really focus on core values with their clients and their employees.  Lane Powell is one of the oldest and most successful law firms in the Northwest.  It was started over 100 years ago.  Today Lane Powell has over 300 staff and over 150 attorneys.  Over the years many of the Northwest’s great judges once worked with Lane Powell.   Chuck said that one of the secrets to success at Lane Powell is total committment to the local communities.  The culture of the company is focused on coming up with new ideas about ways the firm can help people.  He talked about how the employees dedicate time and money to helping the food banks and Habitat for Humanity and the United Way.  I could tell that Chuck was very dedicated and proud of his team at Lane Powell.  He also was very proud that his employees would have voted Lane Powell as one of the “Best Workplaces” in Washington.

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