September 6, 2009
Marty Schillaci interview - The Resource Group

Marty Schillaci interview — The Resource Group

Marty Schillaci and The Resource Group with Director RJ McHatton
Marty Schillaci and The Resource Group with Director RJ McHatton

I drove over to Renton to interview Marty Schillaci  for the Puget Sound Business Journal’s video for the “Best Workplaces” Award.  Marty is the CEO of The Resource Group (TRG).  As we entered their office we were greeted by a team of very enthusiastic people with giant smiles on their faces.  We met Marty and he led us to a really nice conference room with a very unusual conference table.  It was like a real tree laying sideways.  Actually was part of a tree and it was quite impressive.  We talked about the table for a while and then I set up my camera and lights and sound equipment for the interview.  Marty Schillaci is a great leader.  He talked about how he started the company over twenty years ago by helping companies understand and use their database softwares.  Over the years TRG has become one of the most successful and enduring partners with Microsoft.  Marty talked about the unique culture that his team has created.  He talked about the very important core values that have always worked for him.  He talked about the character of his team in good times and bad times.  He talked about the importance of taking care of your employees and your clients.  Years ago Marty worked for Boeing and he talked about how proud he is of the TRG success story. He started the company in his living room and now he has a lot of employees.  Marty expressed the importance of education and learning.  He said you always have to be learning to keep up with the fast pace of today’s life.  I really enjoyed my interview with Marty and I learned a lot! 

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