September 3, 2009
Patrick Tessier interview - Northwest Laboratories
 Patrick Tessier Interview Northwest Laboratories
By moviedream
Director RJ McHatton with Patrick Tessier
Director RJ McHatton with Patrick Tessier

Patrick Tessier is an interesting man.  I drove over to Bellevue to interview Patrick Tessier, CEO of Northwest Laboratories, for the Puget Sound Business Journal video about the “Best Workplaces” in Washington.  Patrick told me how he was educated in engineering and had worked in the paper box industry for almost twenty years.  Then when his 40th birthday was approaching, he decided to completely change his life and find a new business, a new industry, to focus his next chapter of life on.  He chose the Dental reconstruction business.  Today his company Northwest Laboratories is one of the fastest growing companies in America.  We talked about his secret to success and he said it was his team.  He talked about the many things they do to keep the positive culture alive and he said his secret weapon was putting in a kitchen and having real home cooked lunches everyday.  He said that one of his team members is a world class cook and that nothing keeps the culture alive like a great lunch.  Patrick Tessier has an awesome attitude.  I talked with several members of his team and they were so enthusiastic!  I think Patrick Tessier is a great leader.  We talked about the core values and character of his organization.  His eyes teared up with pride.

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