September 3, 2009
Howard Chermak interview - Chermak Construction
 Howard Chermak interview Chermak Construction
By moviedream
Howard Chermak with Director RJ McHatton

Howard Chermak with Director RJ McHatton

 Howard Chermak is a nice guy.  Howard is the founder and CEO of Chermak Construction.  They specialize in remodeling.  I was there to interview Howard for the Puget Sound Business Journal video we are making about the “Best Workplaces” in Washington award.  I was very impressed with Howard and his philosophies of running a successful business.  Howard is always thinking about the future.  Many years ago he started a Vision Team to help plan the future of the company.  He anticipated the slow times of the recession so he worked closely with his team to not have to lay people off.  Howard talked about how he started the company with just one employee, himself, and how its grown over the years.  He talked about the core values and the importance of working closely with the community.  He talked about being a member of the Chamber and the Rotary and other service groups.  Howard is a nice man and he has built a nice company with a fine reputation.

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