September 3, 2009
Patrick Yalung interview - Wells Fargo Bank
 Patrick Yalung interview Wells Fargo Bank

Director RJ McHatton with Patrick Yalung

Director RJ McHatton with Patrick Yalung

 I had a great interview with Patrick Yalung of Wells Fargo.  I was there to interview Patrick for the Puget Sound Business Journal’s video about the “Best Workplaces” in Washington.  Patrick did a super interview.  He talked about how Wells Fargo really works hard to build a culture that is supportive of all the employees.  He talked about the organization’s complete focus on the customer experience.  He also talked about the importance of diversity in the team.  We talked about core values, character, and the return to family values in the workplace.  I learned a lot in this interview with Patrick.  He is a nice guy.

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