September 3, 2009
Cameron Green & John Rubino interview Green/Rubino PR
 Cam Green & John Rubino interview Green/Rubino
By moviedream
Cameron Green, Director RJ McHatton, and John Rubino

Cameron Green, Director RJ McHatton, and John Rubino

 I really enjoyed my interview with Cameron Green and John Rubino of the PR firm Green/Rubino.  I was interviewing them for the Puget Sound Business Journal video about their nomination as one of the “Best Workplaces” in the State of Washington.  John and Cameron are a great team.  One is a numbers guy (John) and the other is a writer-creative guy  (Cam).  They seem to have a winning combination.  One of the great moments during our interview was when Cameron talked about the importance of writing skills.  He said that his advice for a future CEO is to make sure to focus on writing skills.   I could tell that John and Cam are great leaders because they kept talking about values and character and integrity.

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