September 3, 2009
Edgar Martinez & Brian Haner interview Branded Solutions
 Edgar Martinez & Brian Haner interview Branded Solutions
Director RJ McHatton with Brian Haner & Edgar Martinez

Director RJ McHatton with Brian Haner & Edgar Martinez

I drove over to Kirkland to interview the famous baseball player Edgar Martinez and his business partner Brian Haner.  I was interviewing them for the Puget Sound Business Journal because Edgar and Brian’s businesses were recognized for the annual “Best Workplace in Washington” award.  They don’t give out Academy Awards to business owners, but the “Best Workplace” award is about as great an honor that any business leader could strive for.   We met with Brian and Edgar in their new office.  They are such winners.  Edgar Martinez had proven himself with his incredible Major League Baseball career that earned him a place in the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame and a reputation as a kind humanitarian.  Brian Haner was immediately evident to be one of the most positive and inspiring leaders I have ever met.  During our interview Edgar and Brian talked about their belief in Values, Character, and living these concepts every day.  They actually take their core values very seriously.  Branded Solutions and Image Source are one large team dedicated to helping others.  Brian and Edgar and their team have taken a lot of time and effort to analyze and defining the Culture they want in their business.  Edgar Martinez has built a reputation of caring about people and always taking the time to talk and listen with people one on one. Brian has built a reputation as a great leader and a big, positive thinker.  Brian and Edgar make a great team because they are totally focused on those Core Values and keeping their Corporate Culture alive everyday.  Thanks Brian and Edgar for the interview.  I learned a lot.

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