September 2, 2009
Peter Mullin - CEO MullinTBG, Philanthropist, Car Collector
 Peter Mullin – CEO of MullinTBG, Car Collector, Philanthropist, Friend to Johnny Myers
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Director RJ McHatton with Peter Mullin

Director RJ McHatton with Peter Mullin

It was a warm day in Brentwood.  I was driving to meet Peter Mullin, CEO of MullinTBG, to interview him for my documentary “Flying Man: Life and Times of Johnny Myers.”  Peter is a great guy.  He is a car lover.  My dad was a car lover and I think I am a car lover, too.  I saw a show on the SPEED channel last year that showed Peter Mullin and his car collection.  Peter has one of the world’s greatest collections of French classic automobiles.  From Bugatis to Delahayes, Peter has one.  He is also a great race driver himself.  Trophies and ribbons and placques are everywhere.  Peter is a successful businessman, but I could tell the race car trophies mean a lot.  Peter did an excellent job in the interview.  We discussed his friendship with Johnny Myers.  Peter talked about John’s integrity and his love for automobiles.  He said that John used to come over and look under the hood of these incredible cars.  Peter talked about the incredible character in the man John Myers.  He said that he was a rare man indeed.  I really enjoyed my time with Peter Mullin.  He seemed like a good man.  It is interesting to me how so many of the successful business people I am meeting all have a similar focus on the importance of values and character and integrity.  I told Peter about how much my Dad loved Model A Fords and had restored many.  Peter said, “they were a great car.”  As I looked around at the incredible high end French classic cars, I thought how Model As would compete against such beauty and grace.  Peter talked about how the French auto makers used aviation design to enhance the aerodynamics of these French automobiles so many years ago.  As you look at the smooth lines of these cars you can see a lot of aviation in those cars.  Maybe John Myers could see that too.

You can see a nice inteview with Peter from the SPEED channel by clicking here: 

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