August 31, 2009
Chuck Grouws - CEO of CHG Building Systems
Chuck Grouws with Director RJ McHatton

Chuck Grouws with Director RJ McHatton

I drove down to Renton to interview Chuck Grouws of CHG Building Systems.  CHG had reached the finals of the Puget Sound Business Journal’s annual “Best Workplaces” Award.    I was immediately impressed by Chuck Grouws.  He had a great handshake and looked me in the eye.  Chuck seemed like an old-style business owner who made friends for life.  Chuck did a super job in his interview.  He talked about how he started the business over 30 years ago and some of the simple fundamental secrets to his success.  He said that he believes hiring good people and treating them nice was very important.  He said that backing his word and backing his work was the backbone to a successful business.  Chuck talked about how some of his team has been with him all these years.  One family had six members work for CHG.  Chuck talked with pride about a lot of the projects CHG has worked on over the years.  He also was proud that his sons had joined him in his business.  Chuck talked about the benefits his employees receive when they work there, including all the usual items like insurance, 401ks, etc.  But I really liked the annual fishing trip to Alaska benefit that four employees get each year.  Chuck told me that he really believes in his focus on the values of integrity and ethics and doing the right thing.  I really enjoyed my visit with Chuck Grouws.  He reminds me a lot of my dad and how emphasis on values still can work in today’s business world.

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