August 25, 2009
Mike, David, & Anika from Projectline

Mike, David & Anika from ProjectLine

Mike Kichline, David Jones, Anica Lehde, with Director RJ McHatton

Mike Kichline, David Jones, Anika Lehde, with Director RJ McHatton

It was a sunny, warm day as I ventured over to the Projectline offices in Seattle.  I was there to interview the top leadership team of Mike, David, and Anika, the founders of Projectline, for the Puget Sound Business Awards for their “Best Workplaces in Washington Award.”  Projectline is a Marketing and Advertising firm.  I was very impressed with the enthusiastic team and their laid back offices.  Once we sat down for the interview I learned that there is way more to this story than I anticipated.  Mike, David, and Anika are incredible leaders with a deep passion for creating a fun workplace, where creative people can be creative and supported by the entire team.  We did our interview in a room with a foosball table, kitchen, and big red couches.  I learned that Projectline is a very successful company that has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA by INC Magazine.  They have over 100 employees, but the company still feels like a family anda team of friends.  I really enjoyed my visit with Mike, David, and Anika and appreciate their hospitality.

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