August 25, 2009
Jim Rogers, Alex Bogaard, Tracy Johnson of Rogers & Norman Insurance
Jim Rogers, Tracy Johnson, and Director RJ McHatton

Jim Rogers, Alex Bogaard, Tracy Johnson, and Director RJ McHatton

I really enjoyed my interview with the team over at Rogers & Norman Insurance of Seattle.  They were nominated as one of the very Best Workplaces in the state of Washington.  Tracy Johnson is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm and she really set a positive tone for our interview.  She is an awesome leader who goes the extra mile to help inspire her team to make each employee have a fun place to work.  Jim Rogers was very philosophical about the importance of the Core Values of the team, that everyone be treated as we each would like to be treated.  Jim talked a lot about how its vital to hire good people with integrity and character.  Alex Bogaard reinforced how important the Culture was to the success of the organization.  I learned a lot.

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