August 25, 2009
Gordy Graham on Transitions
Gordy Graham with Joe Cargill

Gordy Graham with Joe Cargile

Gordy Graham stopped by to brainstorm about a new series of Videos he wants to make about the topic of Transitions.  I have known Gordy Graham for over 20 years now and he always makes me think about life and change.  I took Gordy into our green screen studio and started recording some of his thoughts about transitions.  Gordy feels that so many Americans are going through transitions, whether it be transitions from the loss of a job or transitions from divorce or the transition from changing of a career path or the loss of a 401k.  We agreed that Gordy was right on about the need for such a video DVD.  So we set up a time for Gordy to come into our studio to record his new DVD on Transitions (COMING SOON).

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