December 3, 2007
November Newsletter
Hello RJ
Greetings from RJ at Inventive Productions.
November has been a wonderful and great month.
Here are a few notable experiences from November 2007:
1.  We made a lot of changes to our website, including a new Blog.  Please go check out the new website and let me know your suggestions and feedback.  You can see it by CLICKING HERE.
2.  We met with Basketball Explosion in Monroe, about Inventive doing all the video work for their 2008 season.
3.  RJ interviewed Dick Monson from upper State New York.  He is a real character.
4.  We interviewed numerous business owners for the Letip International Power Breakfast in Lynnwood.
5.  We are happy to welcome some great new Producers to our team.  Mitchell Pickett, Elana Bean, and Glenda Brown.
6.  RJ interviewed Angus Robson a former restaurant owner who many years ago was a child in London during the German Blitz in WWII.  We are creating Angus' incredible Video biography.  Angus served in the British military during the Korean War, he worked for the Airlines and lived in Australia, New Guinea, and rode a train through Siberia.  I can't wait to see our finished Video biography on the life and times of Angus Robson.
7.  RJ interviewed Lynnwood Realtor Tyler Echelbarger for his new real estate marketing video.
8.  The Seattle Times
ran a nice article
about us on the front page
of the newspaper.
You can read the article
9.  RJ wrote a song.
10.  RJ and his entire family was very happy to finally close escrow on the sale of our home in Astoria. 
11.  We helped produce the inspiring new Audiobook for Linda Kay Porlier.
It is a wonderful book.
12.  RJ drove to Chehalis and interviewed a top secret person for a surprise video biography
13.  RJ interviewed Adrienne and Chuck Weiderbach here on holiday from Detroit Michigan.  We are creating a video biography of their many years of life together.
14.  RJ interviewed Bob & Carol Puccinelli from Sacramento.  We are doing a Video Biography of their life together.
15.  RJ interviewed Catherine Payne here on vacation.  Catherine is from Edinburgh Scotland.
16.  RJ interviewed Doug Moorhouse for the Veterans History Project.  Doug earned a Purple Heart in WWII.
17.  RJ interviewed Richard Christiansen for the Veterans History Project.  Richard served in the US Air Force in Germany in the 1950s.
18.  RJ met with Peter La Haye about doing a biography of a building.  Peter is restoring the old Woodmen Lodge in Snoqualmie and turning it into a Steak House.
19.  RJ is proud to be driving up to Vancouver BC on Friday to interview Ted Eaton,
 an RAF pilot hero from WWII.
20.  RJ spent a long night documenting the Puget Sound Security patrol in action for a new marketing video.  RJ realized the importance and dangerous job these security patrol people live each day.
21.  The Scarff family watched the Premier of the video biography of Bowen and Janie Scarff over the Thanksgiving holiday.  They loved the movie.
22.  The Leaf family watched the  Premier of the video biography of Beverly and Ed Leaf over the Thanksgiving holiday.  They loved the movie.
23.  The Nicolazzi family finally watched the Premier of the Video Biographies of Richard and Joyce Nicolazzi in Wisconsin.  The family loved the movies.
24.  The McHattons had four little miniature dachshund puppies.
25.  The Inventive Productions team just finished putting in a proposal to do a video documentary about the State of WA Agency for the Blind.
26.  Unfortunately we were not able to attend the annual convention of the Association of Personal Historians, which met in Nashville.  We wish we could have attended.  I hear it was fantastic.
As you can see, its been a pretty busy November.  It was a month of Gratitude and Thanks for us all.

Joke of the Month:
(submitted by my son Jason)
Q. What kind of cats like to go bowling?
A. Alley cats.

Upcoming Events:
Dec 5:  RJ is getting arrested for Muscular Dystrophy
Dec 15:  RJ makes a speech to the Daughters of American Revolution in Yakima, WA
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Dion & Amy
Luke & Grace
Mike & Joyce
Dave & Fran
Pat & Roy & John
Future trips:
Buffalo, NY
Southern CA
Dallas, TX

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Warm regards,
RJ McHatton
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