July 12, 2009
Paul Thayer - Friend of Johnny Myers "The Flying Man"

Paul Thayer – Friend of Johnny Myers “The Flying Man”

By moviedream

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              Paul Thayer watching a video of his good friend Johnny Myers

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                                       RJ McHatton with Paul Thayer

We drove to Southern California to interview Paul Thayer about his friend Johnny Myers for our documentary “The Flying Man.”  Paul is a great guy.  He sat down with me and we talked about how he met Johnny Myers.  Paul was a Fighter Pilot during World War II.  He served in the North Africa campaign and then was quickly sent over to Guadacanal.  After the war Paul worked at an airline where he met his wife Margery.   Paul eventually got a job as an insurance sales man.  Then one day Margery saw an advertisement that a company was looking for Test Pilots.  Over 1800 people applied for the job but Paul Thayer got the job.  That is where Paul met John Myers.  Thayer worked under John at Northrop.  Paul talked about how great a man Johnny Myers was.  He said that Myers was a man of integrity.  Paul told me some great stories about how he and Johnny Myers flew a P-61 Black Widow one time.  He talked about how John Myers nearly died during the testing period of the Flying Wing.  Paul told some great stories about how he and Johnny Myers and Jack Northrop worked together.  We talked about how in later years John Myers became a successful businessman.  He talked about some of the clubs they both belonged to over the years.  Paul told me how much John loved his wife Lucia and how painful it was to lose Lucia.

Everytime our discussion went to stories of flying, Paul’s eyes would light up.  I could tell that Paul loved aviation.  He talked about Johnny Myers love for fast cars and fast boats.  He also talked about John’s love for his dogs.  I was really impressed by my interview with Paul Thayer.  He is a very nice man.  I have learned that Paul once was Under-Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan.  I asked him about Ronald Reagan.  He said that Reagan and John Myers were similar in many ways.  I asked him if Johnny Myers was a good guy.  He said that he was more than a good guy.  He was a remarkable man.  Thank you, Paul Thayer, for letting me interview you for our documentary.

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