July 12, 2009
Paul Kim, architect, brother of Dr. Luke Kim

Paul Kim – architect, brother of Dr. Luke Kim

By moviedream

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Dr. Luke Kim, Grace Kim, Paul Kim, and RJ McHatton

We drove down to Seal Beach to connect with Dr. Luke Kim and his beautiful wife Grace.  We were looking forward to a wonderful dinner with the Kims and also to interviewing Luke’s younger brother Paul Kim.  Paul was to give us an interview as part of my production of the Video Biography of Dr. Luke and Grace Kim.

Paul gave me a terrific interview.  He talked about his childhood in Korea during the Korean War and how his family became refugees.  He told me the horrific tale of the kidnapping and murder by the Communists.  Paul also talked about how his older brother Luke helped lead his brothers and sister to safety during the war.  Today Paul is a well-respected architect.

One of the best parts of Paul’s interview was when he talked about how his brothers and sister would all sing together.  He talked about how when his family was walking miles and miles to the South to escape the tyranny of the oncoming Communist forces, that he and his family sang hymns, songs to keep them together.  It is remarkable how music has been so important to the lives of so many people.  The courage and tenacity of the Kims inspires me.  Every time I meet with Grace Kim I feel determined that I need to do more to help others.  Grace and Luke show me how each of us can make a difference in other people’s lives.  I first met Luke and Kim about five years ago when I was making my documentary “SHip of Miracles” about the Hungnam evacuation during Christmas 1950 in Korea.  The Kims were there when 100,000 refugees were saved by the American and UN forces.   Luke and Grace are extra proud these days.  Their son David just went back to Washington DC.  David was appointed to a very high position in President Obama’s Department of Transportation.

It was another wonderful evening with the Kims.  Thanks Paul Kim for letting me interview you for your brother’s Video Biography.

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