November 24, 2007
Edward Buniatyan - Puget Sound Security

On Nov 20th, I spent the evening with Ed Buniatyan of Puget Sound Security.  Ed is a very interesting guy.  The plan was for me to tag along with Ed during his normal shift as a Security Guard on patrol for Puget Sound Security.  We are creating a marketing video for PSS.  I have already shot interviews with the President of PSS, Bill Cottringer and some other employees.  The interviews were quite impressive.  PSS founder Jeff Kirby has definitely surrounded himself with a quality team.  Cottringer is a successful author and someone you can talk with on any topic for hours.  He is a true visionary person.  A once in a life time guy.  I discovered when I met Ed that I was meeting another once in a lifetime guy.  Ed is an immigrant from Russia, specifically Armenia.  He is a master violin player and an orchestra conductor.  He moved to the Seattle area ten years ago.  He found he couldn't support his family by working only once in a while for the Federal Way Symphony so he got a job as a security job with PSS.  Ed took me with him on his normal night shift patrol.  His territory is downtown Seattle and some of the nearby suburban neighborhoods.  He can easily put on over 250 miles in a single night.  I was getting some incredible footage of Ed on his normal job duties.  Everywhere we went, people took the time to say hi to Ed.  Ed has so many friends that anyone would be impressed.  Everyone took the time to say how much they loved Ed.  He truly is a good guy.  His goal is to help people.  I am glad I met him.  I wish I could do a video biography on Ed someday.

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