June 10, 2009
Melinda Partin - CEO of Worktank

Melinda Partin - CEO of Worktank

It was a warm day as I carried my tripod, some lights, and a HD camera over to the Worktank office on the waterfront in downtown Seattle. I was there to interview the CEO, Melinda Partin, for a part in our new documentary "CEOs of Seattle."

Melinda was great. She gave me a terrific interview. Melinda comes from a long heritage of family entrepreneurs. She started her company about ten years ago, specializing in creative advertising for small or big organizations. Melinda talked about her management philosophy of collaboration. She talked about her belief in total integrity and how she really cares for her people. Melinda talked about her proud moments as a leader and her true enthusiasm for the future. I was very impressed with meeting Melinda. She really cares about people.

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