November 11, 2007
RJ's Newsletter - October 2007
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John W Shoemaker

Happy Veterans' Day


to John W. Shoemaker (above) and all the men and women who have served this nation in our armed services. 


The past month we have interviewed several Veterans for the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project. 


Here are some of the highlights:


David Richardson--served in the US Navy on aircraft carriers and saw action in several battles in WWII


Ward Martin--US Navy during WWII.  Served at D-Day on a Destroyer and then over in the Pacific to help finish the war.


Ray Slaugh--US Navy during WWII, served in the Pacific


Achilles Savinelli--US Army during WWII served in Burma.


Don Olsen--WWII served in the US Navy in the Pacific including Nagasaki.


We have volunteered to do 100 video biography interviews of WWII vets for free.  If you know if any Veterans from WWII, please contact



Note:  You can see a short clip from our Video Biography of John Shoemaker by CLICKING HERE.






seabees logo

We are producing a new documentary on the "FIGHTING SEABEES." 

My sister Patty McHatton recently returned  from serving with the Seabees in Iraq.  

Our goal is to showcase the dedication and sacrifices the Seabees have made for our country through interviews with veteran Seabees and their families. 

Seabees who want to help us with this documentary are asked to send video clips or photos to

The Basheys

Here are Mike and Joyce Bashey. They have enjoyed a terrific life together.  They married while Mike was in the US Air Force in the 1950s.  After graduating from the University of Washington, Mike owned one of the top CPA firms on the Eastside of Seattle for over 30 years.  After retiring, Mike and Joyce became avid Antique Dealers.  We are producing a Video Biography about their life together. 


You can see a

short sample

of their

Video Biography





Luke's family

Luke Hendrickson is the little boy in the red shirt.  Today he is a young man of 21 years old.  Once he saw how we are creating Video Biographies of so many older people, he said he would like to get his Video Biography created now, so he can update it every five years, and try to live a life of meaning.

Coming Soon. 

The Video Biography of

Luke Hendrickson.

Ron Patterson

Our First Inventive Productions Dealer!

Ron Patterson is from Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  Ron is a super great guy who cares about people and the importance of capturing your voice for future generations through a video biography.  Ron is our first new Inventive Productions Dealer. You can reach Ron at 905-315-5045 or



For information on how you can become a Dealer for Inventive Productions, contact RJ McHatton at

425-747-4538 or



We are pleased to be working with the Eastside Business News to recognize 65 Business Owners around the age of 65.  You can learn more about this event at:





Joke of the Month

(from my son Jason):


Q. What's round and bad-tempered?

A.  A vicious circle.



Redmond Historical Society


We are proud to be working with the RHS to help capture the oral histories of some of the elders from Redmond, Washington.  To learn more about the Redmond Historical Society, CLICK HERE



 "A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something."  



Corporate Stories


Your company has been around a long time. 


One of the most important responsibilities a business leader like you has is to make sure the culture you have created over the years will continue. 


You owe it to your employees, managers, stockholders, and to your customers to explain your philosophies, your wisdom, your secrets to success, and your advice.


My company, Inventive Productions, is a leader in the production of custom historical documentaries and video biographies for Corporations and business leaders like you.  We are called the “Autobiography Company” because we specialize in helping you tell your story in your own words.


I would like to request a meeting with you to show you examples of our award winning documentary work and video biographies, and an opportunity to show you a way to leave a your priceless legacy on High Definition DVD.

Call me today at 425-747-4538


Best wishes,


RJ McHatton

Inventive Productions LLC 




The Perfect

Holiday Gift !


It has been called the "Ultimate" Gift.


It has been called "priceless" and it has been called. "the greatest legacy."


Video Biographies allow us to tell our life story in our own words.  Can you imagine if we had a video of Abraham Lincoln sitting down and telling us his life story in his own words?


Wouldn't that be incredible?


To reserve the Perfect Holiday Gift for your parents, grandparents, loved one, or great friend




Welcome to Inventive Productions October 2007 Newsletter

In October we celebrate our Second Anniversary!


Inventive Productions LLC started in October 2005. 




Inventive Productions is a Washington-based LLC with 

Bill Peare, Jeff Sites, and RJ McHatton as Partners. 


Bill and Jeff are 

co-founders of Trendwest Resorts.





for your Referrals !


There is nothing stronger  or more powerful than a sincere testimonial from

a happy client.


Thanks to

the positive word of mouth referrals from our clients,

we have

been able

to grow Inventive Productions from a

simple idea into over

50 Video Biography


Corporate History DVDs in just

two years.


Thank you for your support.  


If you have a friend you would like to refer to us, please













































America has been called a "melting pot" because of the tremendous variety of cultures in all our families.


Today America has become a "tapestry" with the threads of many voices from many lands.


We are proud to have just completed the Video Biography of Magda Newman. 


Magda grew up as a Jew in Budapest, Hungary and was on her way to Auschwitz with all her friends, but somehow escaped just in time into hiding.


Then in the 1950s when the Russians invaded Hungary, she and her daughters escaped to America.


Today Magda is surrounded by her loving family, who are searching for answers to all the questions of heritage.


You can see

a new six minute sample from the Video Biography of Magda by CLICKING







We just completed an updated Television commercial for Seattle Windemere agent Greg Shaw.

Greg is notorious as the Pumpkin Man because for many years he has loved pumpkins and promotes pumpkins whenever he can.  Take a look at his new TV commercial by CLICKING HERE.  Take a look at his pumkins by CLICKING PUMPKINS.




Dion and Amy

Amy & Dion McIntosh

A Biography-Wedding ! 

We had a super time driving down to Laguna Cliffs, California to shoot the wedding and biography DVD of Amy & Dion.  The weather was perfect.  We really enjoyed the incredible sunshine and the fantastic people.  We interviewed family and friends from both sides of the family.  Our mission is to put together a VH1-style "Behind the Scenes" Biography Video.  The groom is from Seattle, with a life-long record of success in as a performer and music producer.  The bride is a pop hit singer with a new CD hitting the charts.  You can learn more about her at


You can see a short sample of Dion & Amy's video biography



carlas wedding

Carla & Jack's Wedding


It was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous wedding in Cle Elum / Roslyn. 


We are proud to have created a great Wedding DVD

for this beautiful couple.



Fran & Dan Divelbiss wedding

The Divelbiss

Video Biography


 keeping with the Wedding theme, here is Fran & Dave Divelbiss (above) on their Wedding Day.  Dave was on his way to serve in the US Navy in Vietnam.  Dave was a leader in the Mobile Riverrine Force, This was one of the highest decorated, most dangerous operations in American mililitary history.  ( 

We are producing a Video Biography of Fran & Dave's life together.  You can see a short sample of our Video Biography, by CLICKING HERE.


Janie & Bowen Scarff

 Janie & Bowen Scarff

Janie & Bowne Scarff have lived a wonderful life together.  Bowen has been recognized by Time Magazine as one of the top Ford dealers in America.  He pioneered the important concepts of integrity, honesty, and customer service in the automobile dealership industry.  Bowen Scarff Ford is still one of the leading dealerships in America.  (

The Scarff family is a great role model for us all.  We are producing a Video Biography on the Life and Times of Janie and Bowen Scarff.  You can see a short video clip from the movie by CLICKING HERE.



Coming Soon:


Corporate History DVDs:


Jeff Kirby, CEO

Puget Sound Security, Bellevue WA


Biography of a Building:


Peter LeHaye

Woodman  Lodge transformation into Steakhoues, Snoqualmie, WA


Video Biography:


Dr. Luke & Grace Kim

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