January 18, 2009
Barron Hilton - Legend of Aviation, Friend of Johnny Myers

Barron Hilton

Barron Hilton - Legend of Aviation, Friend of Johnny Myers

My GPS said it was recalculating the route, which means I might be lost. This made me worry that I might be late for my meeting with Barron Hilton. But it all worked out and I made it in time.
I entered the World Headquarters of the Hilton Hotels and was met by the security team. I told them I had a meeting with Barron Hilton and my contact person was Pat. They called upstairs and said to me that Pat would be down shortly.
I had my camera equipment in light bags so it would be easy to carry and setup for the interview. In a few moments, a tall guy with a big smile named Pat approached and took me up to a nice conference room where I could setup my equipment. Pat helped me set up the room so it would look good in the camera frame.
After I was ready, in came Mr. Barron Hilton and we had a nice video interview. Barron was a great friend to Johnny Myers. They had spent many years in their friendship and Barron had fond memories of their times fishing and flying together. I could tell by my short time with Mr. Hilton that Johnny Myers was a really nice guy. I wish I had met Johnny Myers. It sounds like he was a real character and a real quality man of integrity.
These days its hard to see many heroes amongst us. I know we just need to look closer to find the heroes. When meeting men and women like Barron Hilton and Bob Hoover and Emily Howell Warner, I feel inspired about the good in people. I wish everyone had a chance to meet people like these. Especially teenagers. I think that every teenager should meet a real life hero. Maybe they would get inspired to become a hero too. Barron Hilton was a very nice guy to me and I appreciate him taking the time to meet with me to talk about Johnny Myers.
Thanks goes to everyone who helped make the interview possible.

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