January 18, 2009
Martie Johnson - West Point, Marines, Seabee, Chaplain

Martie Johnson, Jr.

My life will never be the same after meeting Martie Johnson, Jr.

Martie was kind enough to come to our Inventive Productions studios to be interviewed for my new documentary, "The New Fighting Seabees."
In came this loud, confident, and boisterous man named Martie. He was a bundle of energy. He came into the studio dressed in his US Navy uniform.
As I began to interview Martie on camera, I started to realize that this interview was going to be full of surprises.
Martie was born in Philadelphia in 1965. His father and mother led a career Army family. In his childhood Martie moved every two years. His father's career took them all across America and Europe.
Martie talked about the special proud moment he told his parents that he had been accepted to West Point. He talked about the painful heartbreak he caused when he quit West Point three years later. Martie talked about how he went to Wall Street and became a stockbroker. Then he talked about how he enlisted in the Marines and how he handled all the pressures. He talked about how he was on the front lines in Iraq. Then he talked about how he became a Chaplain.
Martie talked about his love for the Seabees and what they stand for. He talked about the incredible experience of being there in Mississippi with the Seabees during and following the Katrina Hurricane destruction.
Overall, Martie's interview taught me a lot of lessons about life. He showed how a man could dedicate his life to helping others, one hundred percent.
Thanks Martie for taking the time to let me interview you.

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