December 4, 2008
Legends of Aviation video biographies

Legends of Aviation.   Here is a list of the other Legends of Aviation that are being recognized at the "Academy Awards of Aviation."  We are creating video biographies for Airport Journals, sponsor of the annual event.  I am looking forward to this video biography project very much.


Zoe Dell Nutter--she first gained international recognition for traveling over 100,000 miles by air to promote travel on commercial airlines, and became one of the first attendants on passenger airlines.  Originally a professional dancer, Zoe Dell Nutter logged over 2000 hours as a commercial multi-engine instrument pilot.  She served as an officer in the Civil Air Patrol, is a charter member of the Friends of the First Ladies of the Smithsonian Museum.  Zoe Dell Nutter was the first woman elected as President of the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio.



Linden Blue--a life of aviation, from the Yale Aviation Club to the Flying Blue Brothers in South America to service as a pilot in the Strategic Air Command to a political career as a councilman to a career in real estate, then pioneering design work at Lear Jets including the Winglets, to his successful General Atomics business which is pioneering work with drones and the Predator and future nuclear technologies--Linden Blue is a Living Legend of Aviation.


Johnny Myers (deceased)--a leading civilian test pilot in World War II, who helped develop the first American fighter plane designed specifically for night combat.  As chief engineering test pilot for Northrop Corp. during WWII, Myers most notably performed experimental test flights on the P-61 Black Widow, America's first successful night fighter, and on the first flying wing.



Tony Bill--Academy Award winner, soloed gliders at the age of 14, went into acrobatic flying, producer & director of the movie "Flyboys".


The Legends Awards (also known as the "Academy Awards of Aviation") ceremony is scheduled for January 22, 2009 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

Emily Hanrahan Howell Warner



                                                         Emily Howell Warner 


Emily Howell Warner--the first woman in aviation history to be hired as a pilot by a major U.S. airline.  She was also the first woman to earn her captain's wings for a major airline.  Today Emily has logged over 21,000 flight hours, more than any other woman pilot in the world.



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