December 4, 2008
Charles Glenn Marker

       Charles Glenn Marker


While on our visit to Leo and Amy Hymas' home, I was able to interview Charles Marker for the Veterans History Project.  Charles is 90 years old.  He was born in Salt Lake City in 1918.  He was drafterd into the Army Air Corp and served during World War II at the "Hump."  The Hump is what they called the area of Burma, India, and China during World War II.  Charles told some very exciting and scary tales about the Army Air Corp heroes during that time.  He said they were carrying gas and supplies for the Burma Road.  For his service, Charles earned two air medals, plus the Distinguished Flying Cross, and some Chinese wings from China. 


We have volunteered to do free video biography interviews of 100 World War II veterans for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.  If you know of any World War II vets, please have them contact us for their free interview.  Their family will receive a DVD copy of the interview and one goes to the Library of Congress, too. 

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