December 4, 2008
Wayne Small

                Wayne Small


Recently I interviewed Wayne over at Leo and Amy Hymas' home as part of our committment to the Veterans History Project.  Wayne was there that day with Harold and Charles.  It was a great day.


Wayne served as a Tank driver in the US Army during World War II.  He grew up on a farm in the midwest until he was drafted into the calvary.  He thought the calvary was horses until he found out that the army had switched tanks.  Wayne said he was a good driver of trucks and farm equipment, so they made him a tank driver.  Wayne served in the 2nd and 67th Armored Regimant.  He served in England, Normandy France, Belgium (Battle of the Bulge), Holland, and Germany.  He said it was uncanny how he always ended up in the front of each of these battles.  Wayne earned 5 bronze stars, expert in all arms, 50 caliber machine gun, tanks, marksman, 45 Thompson Machine gun. He talked about when he was the first American tank into Berlin, and how he saw the first free parade into Berlin by Stalin, Patton, and all the rest of the generals and heroes.

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