December 4, 2008
Pat Murphy

 It was about a year ago that I first met Pat Murphy.  I had flown to Buffalo, New York on a project to interview him for his Video Biography, sponsored by his daughter Christine and her husband Roger, who live in California.  Pat was a great guy.  He had a very positive, outgoing personality with a giant sense of humor.  He told me some fantastic stories about life as a kid in Buffalo.  He talked about how he had an Irish father and an Italian mother.  He said he was brought up on Italian food, so he really never realized there was any other kind of food until he got older.  He had been in the insurance business most of his life.  He talked about how close he was to his father and how important family was to him.  He talked about how much he loved his children and his grandchildren, and his wife Jan.  Pat talked about the good times and bad times of life, but mostly the good times.  He had a great laugh that I will never forget.  I recently was told that Pat lost his bout with Cancer and it made me sad.  But only for a moment.  Because I never saw any sadness in Pat.  He loved life and lived a great life.  He left a legacy of love and family that won't be forgotten.  I am blessed to have met the man and for spending a couple of quality days with him. 

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