December 4, 2008
General Bill Anders -- Astronaut, aviator, Ambassador



This photo was taken by American astronaut Bill Anders during his Apollo 8 mission around the moon.  I was fortunate to meet and interview Bill Anders last month.  Bill Anders is a true hero to me.  He really loves aviation.  I interviewed Bill for a video biography I am making on his life for the Legends of Aviation project, sponsored by Airport Journals of Colorado.  Bill Anders is being honored in January in Los Angeles as a Legend of Aviation.  Bill has flown hundreds of different kinds of flying machines.  From bi-planes to jet fighter planes to a command module for NASA.  Bill has wore many hats in his wonderful life.  He graduated from the Naval Academy, flew big jets over Iceland during the Cold War, and represented our country as Ambassador to Norway.  In later years Bill was a successful businessman with GE and as CEO of General Dynamics.  Today Bill spends a lot of time at his Heritage Flight Museum in Bellingham, Washington.  Bill still logs over 300 hours of flying per year.  During our interview, Bill stood in front of a P51 fighter plane from WWII.  With all of his life accomplishments, many people will best remember Bill Anders as the photographer of one of the most influential photographs ever taken.  He took the photo called "Earthrise" during his Apollo 8 trip to the Moon.  Historians say that photograph single-handedly started the Environmental movement throughout the world.  You can learn more about Bill Anders and his Heritage Flight Museum at

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