November 18, 2008
124 Questions
Last month I offered to send my 124 Specialized questions that I ask a person during a professional video biography interview to anyone who asks--for free. 

People have gone crazy over these 124 interview questions. 

People from all over the country have emailed me to ask that I send them the 124 interview questions.

I started testing and compiling lists of interview questions for video biographies back almost twenty years ago.  At first I settled on 99 questions, but as I did more and more video biographies I discovered some great and powerful new questions to ask.

My son Jason gave me some suggestions for questions.  My daughter Crissy also had some ideas.  After every interview I do, I ask myself "is there something else I should ask?"

Well, after all these years I have found that these 124 questions really do work awesome to get the foundation for a winning video biography.

If you would like me to email you these questions, just email me at or call today at 425-284-1900.

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