November 10, 2008
Hug a Veteran on Veterans Day

         Happy Veterans Day Akina


     The photo above was discovered a few years ago in an old Army trunk in my late Grandmother's garage. 

     This is a picture of my Grandfather, Kep.  Kep was a very cool grandfather.  He always wore a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, and he could roll his own cigarettes with one hand.  Kep was a true original character. 

     He was larger than life to me.  Kep loved to fish and he had a passion for horses and horse racing.  He was a courageous man with lots of opinions, but he always took the time to talk with kids like me. 

     I learned many years later that he was a War Veteran.  He never talked to me about it or to any of us kids.  I wonder why?

     Over the past three years I have been fortunate to have met and interviewed several cool Veterans from past and present wars.  Most of them never talk much about their service. 

     They always say they were just doing a job.  No big deal.  Many of them feel that their story isn't very important, that people don't really care about old war stories anymore.

     This Tuesday is Veterans Day.  I hope you will take the time to give a hug or kiss or thanks to every Veteran you can.  I know they will appreciate it very much.

     You can see and hear some of my personal interviews with some Veterans by clicking on the links below.





John "Bud" Hawk (Medal of Honor recipient)


David Divelbiss (US Navy)


Leo Hymas (US Army)


Larry Morris (US Navy)


Bill Endicott (US Army)


Dean Echelbarger (US Army)


Bill Shaw (US Navy)


Douglas Moorhouse (US Army)


Achilles Savinelli (US Army)


Edwin Nixon (US Air Force)


David Richardson (US Navy) 


John Kneepkens (US Army)


Here are several short samples from our volunteer work for the Veterans History Project.  We have volunteered to interview 100 World War II veterans for free for the Library of Congress program called the "Veterans History Project."  (


Veterans History Project samples


Here is a short clip from our new

Fighting Seabees documentary:


The New Fighting Seabees


We really need to interview some more Seabees from any past conflict.  If you know of anyone who served with the Seabees, please have them email me at












The picture above is how I remember my grandfather

Kep.  He loved the outdoors life of a cowboy. 


On Behalf of the entire Inventive Productions Crew, Happy Veterans Day!  We hope that you take the time to have a lot of safe fun with your friends and family.



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