November 10, 2008
October 2008 Newsletter

Hello Friends


September has been a fantastic and interesting month for Inventive Productions and me, too.  I have seen my two teenagers move out of the home, heading off to live their own lives, with college and adult life at their door. 


I have seen the joy of spending time with distant family and the pain of losing a good friend. 


September has been a time of reflection for me about the meaning of our life.  Over my lifetime, I have been inspired by so many wonderful people.  From family to friends to those who have changed me. 


I find myself motivated to be asking how I can serve others?  How can I make a difference?





Here are some of the highlights from the past month:



Happy Birthday Jane--We produced a Birthday video last year for Jane's daughter.  This year all the kids and grandkids came into our green screen Studio secretly to record a very special surprise, a Video Biography for Jane.


Kid Rock Concert--My son Jason dragged me to the Kid Rock concert at the Puyallup Fair.  It was a little risque with questionable language, etc., but I really had a good time with my son.


Mariners vs Yankees Game--a good friend invited me to attend the Yankees game in Seattle.  The Seattle Mariners have not had a great season, but this night we almost saw a No-Hitter!  The Mariners put on a terrific performance this time.


Excellent Cultures - Delphi Plant 6 Case Study--last month I was fortunate to travel to Saginaw Michigan to capture a case study of the Delphi Steering Wheel Plant 6.  It was a terrific learning experience for me.  I interviewed over 30 people, from management, salaried, and hourly employees, union, etc.

 I learned how motivated and enthusiastic our American auto workers and workforce really are in true life.  If you watch the news you seem to get the impression that all is "woe is me" with the American auto worker.  I discovered this is not true at Plant 6.  These were the most exciting people I have met in many years.  You can see a short example of this by CLICKING HERE


Gabe H--Last month Gabe had a big surprise for his Birthday Party.  It was a Video Biography with several interviews of his wife, daughters, and grandchildren.  After the Birthday party, we arranged to meet with Gabe and interview him with my special 124 questions.  Then we edited together a full length documentary of Gabe's life and Times.  It turned out very remarkable.



Leo Hymas--Last month my team and I worked on the Autobiography Video of Leo Hymas.  He is a kind man from the Puget Sound area who is also known as "Leo the Liberator" because of his experience in helping to rescue the Buchenwald Concentration Camp during WWII.  The Washington State Holocaust Resource Center is presenting a Tribute to Leo on October 29th.  To learn more about Leo, CLICK HERE.


Arlington National Cemetary--a couple of weeks ago I flew to Washington DC to help capture the internment of a good friend and client's parents into Arlington National Cemetary, with full military honor guard.  Both of his parents served in the US Military.  His father was Army and his mother Navy.


Trip to Pennsylvania--while in the general area of Arlington, I made a point to visit my Father's two brothers in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania.  We had a great visit.  We watched a video biography I created for my uncle Ron.  You can see a short sample of a video biography I am making about my other uncle Tom McHatton by CLICKING HERE.



Bonney Watson Project--we have put together a joint venture with the Bonney Watson company in the Seattle area, to start offering our video biography services to all the Bonney Watson clients.


Holocaust Resource Center --we had a great time interviewing teachers and students who have benefited by the services of the Washington State Holocaust Resource Center.  We are putting together a fundraising video for this important center.  I learned from the kids and teachers how they have studied the Holocaust to learn about Human Rights, Civil Rights, and most importantly the bad cause and effects of being a bully.  The kids who met Survivors through this program provided testimony on how these studies changed their lives forever.  You can learn more about this Center by CLICKING HERE.



APH Meeting at Veterans Museum--Last Friday the Northwest Regional members of the Association of Personal Historians drove down to Chehalis to the Veterans Museum.  It was an incredible experience.  We learned so much about the history of our Veterans, mostly through storytelling and looking at artifacts.  I definitely recommend you check out this museum.  It is located right off I-5 in Chehalis.  You can see it from the freeway.  To learn more about this incredible musuem, CLICK HERE.  To learn more about the Association of Personal Historians, go to


Burien Rotary Speech--last week I went to Burien to do a speech to the Rotary Club about the emerging trends toward Family History and the Veterans History Project.  The Rotary Club members were very hospitable and appreciative about the importance of Family History.  To learn more about the Burien Rotary Club, CLICK HERE.



Korean American Coaliation Convention with Luke & Grace Kim--This past weekend I was the invited guest of Dr. Luke Kim and his wife Grace Kim at the Annual Convention Dinner & Gala for the Korean-American Coalition, at the Westin in Bellevue.  I first met Luke and Grace during my production of the documentary "SHIP OF MIRACLES."  We have become great friends.  All my life I have grown up in a family of debates.  My dad was Republican and my Mother Democrat.  So therefore there was a lot of debates about politics and all the issues of the day.  My life really changed the day I met Grace & Luke Kim.  Grace told me about how when she was young, she had made a promise to God that she would dedicate her life to serving others, if God would help her family survive during the Korean War escape.  Grace has made true to her promise.  She has had incredible impact on every person she ever met.  With the help of her awesome husband, Luke, they can truly be the role model of what Service really means.  I am just finishing the Video Biographies of Luke and Grace.  It has been a life changing experience.  You can see a short sample of this video by CLICKING HERE.   The KAC convention dinner was a lot of fun.  I met some great people.  The opera singers and the speakers were excellent.  Grace is  one of the founders of this 25 year organization.  To learn more about the KAC, CLICK HERE.



Dr. Jack Singer, the Funny Psychologist--We started Inventive Productions with the goal to help people tell their life stories with video.  We have come a long way.  Now we also help companies and business people and organizations to tell their stories, too.  One great project has been our work with the Motivational Speaker and Funny Psychologist Dr. Jack Singer, from Laguna Niguel, California.  You can learn more about Jack at


Chefs of Seattle--We sent out our first draft of the new documentary "Chefs of Seattle" to a lot of family and friends, and we have received some terrific input and feedback.  You can now order a copy of this fun documentary DVD at our DVD Store



"Ship of Miracles"--I am very proud of this new documentary film.  It has taken me over five years to put this movie together and I feel it is ready to release to the public.  You can order a copy of this DVD at our DVD STORE.


The 124 Questions--over the years I have compiled a list of the best 124 questions that I ask someone during a Video Biography Interview.  Now I am offering to email you a free copy of these 124 questions, if you want.  Give me a call or email me if you want them.  You can email and I will send them to you.


Mary & Chente Wedding--The Summer's most unique wedding experience.  You can see a short clip from the party by CLICKING HERE.



Fertility Cooking Show--last week we shot the final interviews for the exciting new Fertility Cooking Show with experts Tiffany Pollard and Kathryn Flynn.  You never knew that you can influence fertility with the food you eat?  You can learn more about Tiffany by CLICKING HERE.  You can learn more about Kathryn by CLICKING HERE.



Woodman Lodge--we made some final changes and a new voice over to the Video for Snoqualmies Steakhouse, The Woodman Lodge.  It turned out great.  You can see the latest video by CLICKING HERE.


Mark Schubert -- US Olympic Team Swimming Coach--you must see this short interview I shot with Mark Schubert.  Mark has coached swimmers who have won over 50 Gold Medals and 300 American records.  You can see the short interview by CLICKING HERE.










Let me know if you would like me to do a video about


A.  Your Mom


B.  Your Dad


C.  Your Grandfather


D.  Your Grandmother


E.  Your Family


F.  Your Spouse


G.  Your Self


Email me today for more info at





Fran and Dave Divelbiss

This newsletter is dedicated to Dave Divlebiss, pictured above with his wife Fran.  Dave passed away this week from his battle with cancer. 

Dave was one of the most heroic, inspiring, wise, and funny persons I have ever met.  He was a true American hero who dedicated his life to his family, community, and his country.  His philosophy was Service. 

One of the favorite things I loved about Dave was his voice.  He had the most powerful voice and laugh you ever heard.

You can see a short clip from the inspiring life of Dave Divelbiss by CLICKING HERE.




THANK YOU in Advance!


I need your help!  Our future depends on People Like You!


I really appreciate your help with Referrals.  Actually most of our business comes from Word of Mouth, testimonials from happy people like you.


If we do a good job, people do tell their friends.


Here are a couple of Testimonials we have received in recent months.


John "Bud" Hawk (Medal of Honor Recipient)


Jim Zorn (Washington Redskins Head Coach)


If you have a Friend, a Family Member, Anyone you think would benefit from getting a Video biography or historical documentary, please refer them to us.   I would be happy to send them some samples of our work.


Thanks for all your help with referrals.


Warm regards,



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