October 13, 2010
Easter Wedding
The Dwyer Wedding
                                                       A Beautiful Easter Wedding in Seattle
RJ McHatton and the Inventive Productions Team were commissioned by Stacy Kvam and SK Wedding and Event Design of Seattle to shoot and produce a unique documentary film about the wedding of two wonderful people from Moscow who were gettting married in Seattle on Easter Day.  For the first time in many years Easter Sunday was landing on the same day for many different kinds of religions.  That is why Elena and James chose to be married on Easter Sunday.  Family and friends from all across the globe travelled to Seattle for this joyous event.  Like a cinema verite movie or more like a classic Fellini movie with such interesting characters, our documentary of the wedding day experience turned out to be a real life magical moment.   You can see the Dwyer Wedding Movie Trailer by CLICKING HERE.

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