November 9, 2007
Veterans History Project

Last night I worked until midnight going through several of our video files from our involvement with the Veterans History Project.  It was great to see some of the incredible interviews with so many American heroes.  I remembered the amazing story of Edwin Nixon who was shot down over North Korea and left for dead.  He talked about his time as a POW and how when he gained his freedom several people came up to him, telling how they had attended his funeral.

I remember the story of Al Frank, a sharecroppers son who was drafted into the European theater of WWII.  He told about how he took advantage of the GI Bill and went to college.  Now he is on his fourth college degree.  This story inspires me to want my kids to never forget the power of education.

I remember the interview with Claxton Johnson, a career Navy veteran who served throughout the Vietnam era.  As an African American, he helped break the barriers by showing the benefits of working hard and earning a reputation as a hard worker.  He was a Master Chief in the Navy.

I remember the interview with Achilles Savinelli who served in Burma during the Second World War.  He talked about his love for sunshine and for his family.

I remember the interview with Adeline Kim, who served as a nurse during the attacks at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.

I remember the interview with David Richardson who was a radar man in the Pacific.  He talked about battles I never heard of, but realize now that I should know them.  These men and women sacrificed so we could live a free life.  We should remember the battles and the names and stories of those who served.


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